Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Quick Hitters:: Brass Tackz - The Outfit

Last week I mentioned that I had amassed a list of Canadian hip hop records that I'd been meaning to write about for a while now, and these dudes right here are #1 on that list. The dudes in question are the three hungry Vancouver MC's that comprise Brass Tackz: Snak The Ripper, Young Sin, and
Evil Ebenezer. They released this EP to get some buzz going for a potential Brass Tackz full length, and after going back and listening to The Outfit a few times over the last couple days, I would welcome more material from the trio for sure.

I must confess that I'd seen these MC's names here and there on the ole internet box (and unless I'm mistaken, Evil was featured on the last Josh Martinez album), but I'd never heard anything from any of them. Well, there's a wrong I'm happy to have righted, and I'm not sure how close the 3 MC's were before doing this project, but they have plenty of chemistry. Snak The Ripper has a demonic high pitched flow which contrasts well with Young Sin's confident baritone, and Evil is somewhere in between the two, so the mix works well. As the cover might suggest (as well as the creepy guest vocal contributions from Edmonton's legendary Junkyard Dog) there are certainly some aggressive, Horror-core in the Gravediggaz sense, songs on the EP (October Skies, Moral Terror & Find Out), but they aren't afraid to also tackle something like an ode to their respective Moms' Mom Dukes.

Right from the jump you get a "little taste" of what Brass Tackz is all about on the smoothed-out, yet creepy opener October Skies, that features each MC spitting some dark, free-flowing, braggadocios rhymes over a piano-laced QB8 beat. Authentik sounds great - it features bubbly xylophone mixed with old-timey horns and some bumpin' drums provide the backdrop for the trio to rundown their hard-earned hip hop history. The somber-but-still-catchy Broken Promises is the kind of thing pretty much any Canadian rapper can relate too: struggling to continue making music when everyone close to you likely thinks your crazy. Also, the line "It's either broken promises or broken dreams, where I see a career you see hopeless schemes" would also work as the slogan for this here blog. The Aries-produced beat for Find Out mixes electronic bleeps with ominous backing sounds and an ominous & addictive chorus. I should also mention that video for this song was my intro to the group, I was intrigued by the quality of the song as well as the visuals - not many rap groups go with the "western hobo" theme for their videos. Perhaps they should. The heartfelt mom-ode Mom Dukes has a really banging guitar-laced beat that the guys seem to be feeling, as they all turn in pretty enthusiastic performances on the vocals and the chorus is a bit of an ear worm.

You can get yourself a copy of The Outfit gratis from Camobear Ditigal, so why wouldn't you? Solid Canadian hip hop for a price anyone can afford. Get on it.

MP3:: Brass Tackz - Authentik

MP3:: Brass Tackz - Find Out

VIDEO:: Brass Tackz - Find Out

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