Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Quick Hitters:: Mayer Hawthorne & Red

Unless today is the first day you've ever browsed the music blogs (and if it is, you should know that this one you're reading is like, the best! You should read it numerous times a day), chances are you've heard of "soul revivalist" Mayer Hawthorne. His debut single, Just Ain't Gonna Work Out blew the minds of many a blogger, myself included, with its bottom heavy breakbeat drums and street-corner falsetto vocals, most folks couldn't believe it was the newly produced work of a pale faced, midwest-bred twenty-something also known as DJ Haircut.

I played the hell out of that sound, but I don't mind admitting that I wondered if Mayer's throwback soul would work across a full length album. Well now that I've heard his debut, A Strange Arrangement, I can say that any fears I might've had were un-founded. A Strange Arrangement is really a delightful listen - it sounds accomplished both musically and vocally and not at all like anything close to a gimmick. It's clear Mayer has a tremendous fondness for Motown sounds, and I think he's done the musical heritage of his home state proud with this one. I mean really, get yourself a copy of A Strange Arrangement, put it on the ole HiFi, and if thwe soulful, summery sounds of songs like Maybe So, Maybe No, Your Easy Lovin' Ain't Pleasin' Nothin', Make Her Mine, and Ills don't brighten your mood then I'll eat one of the Ack's various hipster approved hats.

MP3:: Mayer Hawthorne - Maybe So, Maybe No

VIDEO:: Mayer Hawthorne - Maybe So Maybe No

This right here is just something fun I thought I should share with you fine folks. Well, seeing as how it's been seen by many of the masses on the interweb, it may not be new to many of you, but I'm sure there are some that have yet to see it. What we're talking about here is Red, the original homeless, G-Funk beatboxer. Well, I don't think Red is homeless anymore, but he was when he was first filmed behind the HVW8 Gallery in the video below that ended up going viral, as the kids say.

Although at the end of the vid Red appeals to his audience to get Warren G. on the horn so they can work together, the fellas at HVW8 got to work on getting Red to record some of his songs. Then of course the fine folks at Stones Throw, who always have their ear to the musical underground in Cali and beyond, got involved to put out a 7" with Red's original version and a remix from 80's Funk Freaker Dam Funk. Now when I first heard Red I was thinking "what the deuce is this, he's going to crush his sternum with all that chest pounding", but after watching the vids I found myself un-explicably humming the tune afterwards, so you can count me amongst the Red converted. Check the vids and the remix below for yourself and see what you think.

VIDEO:: Homeless G-Funk beat boxer behind the HVW8 Gallery

VIDEO:: Red (G-Funk Beat Boxer) - Ghost Ride the Hips

MP3:: Red - I Should Tell Ya Momma On You (Dam Funk Remix)

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