Monday, October 26, 2009

HPX 09:: The Aftermath

Well friends, HPX 09 came to an end, and due to our downright busy-ness, we could do the kind of day-by-day recaps we might have liked, but we did capture some of our classic grainy pics (now with 30% more grain, thanks iPhone!) and poorly recorded bootlegs, and so we wanted to share them.

The Ack called it prefectly this AM, as my brain is also "happily existing as musical oatmeal right now", and so there shant be a ton of verbiage here, just some sweet bullets and then the pics and songs. So, some brief HPX 09 highlights from the hill:

- As previously discussed, the herohill showcase was stellar from top to bottom, so thanks to the kind folks at HPX for having us back again

- Yukon Blonde were great: fun, polished set - they seem like they've been playing together for decades

- Dan Mangan's set was way too much fun. Arriving in town after battling the flu all week, the only thing warmer than Dan's temperature was the reception given to him by a packed Company House.

- Cadence Weapon joining Think About Life onstage for a communal version of Sweet Sixteen was pretty crazy, people were pretty hyped.

- Speaking of CW, he and his DJ and easily the most animated MC-DJ combo I've seen in a while - dude was leaving the turntables and busting out some k-razy dance-moves.

- We figured Timber Timbre in St. Matthew's church would be good, but his set, which was equal parts spooky and stirring, exceeded our expectations.

- Here's a hot tip: Oh No Forest Fires are fast & fun live. Oh, and Rajiv is a super-nice fella - but many of you already know this.

- Another nice fella? Ricardo from Old Folks Home who made hill history by asking to get a pic with us (first artist to do so, we were flattered)

- Best dance moves we saw? Perhaps Josh from Little Girls.

- ZEUS, the almighty ZEUS. Nuff said.

- every band we saw was terrific, but the fest in general had some killer moments (ie - Jenn Grant acting out Ghostbusters????) so hats off to the organizers/bands/volunteers.

- kudos to Dan Mangan for playing "his hardest song" specifically for my wife. We were both happy you did that.

- Zeus. Honestly, not sure there is a better band in Canada right now. They are that good (plus they tear up that Genesis cover).

- The Got to Get Got + energy - burnt hair = a set that won over tons of people

MP3:: Dan Mangan - Sold (Live @ HPX 09)

MP3:: Dan Mangan - Robots (Live @ HPX 09)

MP3:: Timber Timbre - Demon Host (Live @ HPX 09)

MP3:: Yukon Blonde - Wind Blows (Live @ HPX 09)

MP3:: You Say Party! We Say Die! - Lonely's Lunch (Live @ HPX 09)

MP3:: You Say Party! We Say Die! - She's Spoken For (Live @ HPX 09)

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Friday, October 23, 2009

HPX'09:: Update - Jane's Party tonight @ Gus' Pub

Hey all. Just a quick update to help clear up some confusion. Apparently there was some confusion about the time slot for Toronto's Jane's Party. They were left off the print version of the program, so not a lot of people know the band is playing tonight. I'm new to the band, but they are getting some great press from big hitters like the Toronto Star and the Anti-Hit list, with subtle nods to acts like The Skydiggers and Hali-famous Joel Plaskett.

So, herohill - being the nice folks we are - wanted to let you know the details but the official communication from the band says it best.
Due to extremely unfortunate circumstances, our slot at HPX has been rescheduled for Friday evening at 9:00 at Gus' Pub. The sudden and saddening death of the HPX Showcase Coordinator, Alex Fountain, mixed up some of the originally planned slots in the festival. Although the schedule for Gus' Pub on Friday lists 10:00 as the starting time, arrangements have been made to have us kick the night off at 9:00. Unfortunately, we will not appear in the print edition of the HPX schedule, but hopefully the aforementioned changes will be made to the online schedule. Our condolences go out to the friends the family of Alex. Thank you.

MP3:: Jane's Party - No Good For Me

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Live:: The Herohill Showcase @ HPX 09

York Redoubt

Last night, the herohill showcase went down at The Seahorse tavern here in Halifax, and of course we were on the scene. Like any night during the Halifax Pop Explosion, there is always competition for crowds, as at any time there are multiple excellent options, many within walking distance of each other. However, in my humble, the folks who stuck around for the entire evening were treated to a pretty excellent show. York Redoubt, The Got To Get Got, Valleys, and Bruce Peninsula all put in great sets.

Of course I had planned to have more photos, videos & the like, to put up with this post, but of course midway through York Redoubts' set, my iPhone decided to crash, and I couldn't figure out how to get it rebooted. Well that's awesome, so we have one good photo, and a video below from YR that I took, and a Valleys one I found today. For our recap of the rest, you'll just have to make do with my bulleted memories. Enjoy!

- The Seahorse was fairly empty upon arrival, but our fears of having our name attached to an empty showcase were quickly allayed as the room started filling during York Redoubt's set (like this should bother us anyway, as we've slaved for years on this site, putting up posts on bands & songs we love that often get a reception that is the cyber-equivalent to an empty bar).

- We knew YR were some young fellas, but seeing them live made us realize they might not be able to drink legally. This makes one feel a tad old.

- Still not sure this actually happened, but it seems someone's hair lit on fire next to us, it might have been TGTGG's Eleanor King?

- YR's set was very solid - they might be young, but they can all play, and their noise-leanings certainly didn't feel forced or over the top.

- The crowd was small, yet appreciative, during YR's set, but it had built up as they played and once they played their finale (a frenzied jam-out that ended with some guitar string ripping), the crowd was pretty hyped.

- Bryan said this earlier today, but TGTGG just killed it. It was our first time seeing them live, but it won't be the last, that's for sure.

- Fun fact: York Redoubt and TGTGG share guitarist Brad Lahead.

- Another fun fact, Bruce Peninsula drummer Leon Taheny came onstage to do a song with TGTGG, and there was indeed mention of donairs, as anyone who'd read our random question preview post with Mark Mullane would have expected.

- There's a ton of musical experience in TGTGG, and that is exemplified by de-facto band leaders King and Mullane - they are just fun to watch.

- Huge turnout and really warm welcome for TGTGG - they played a new song that left the band and crowd pretty giddy about how good it sounded.

- Unfortunately, Valleys had some tech issues with the guitarists elaborate pedal board, so there was a delay that allowed some of the crowd to slip away.

- That was their loss though, as despite the bands rather morose visages, they put on a pretty hypnotizing set.

- Guitars were the talk of their set, as frontwoman Tillie Perks played a huge one, whilst the aforementioned lead played his with both a drumstick and something that was either a stappler or a laser pointer while sitting cross legged in a chair.

- Not sure how well Valleys are known in these parts just yet, but I think the won the crowd over for sure.

- I took a quick break from the Seahorse in hopes of catching a few minutes of D-Sisive up at the Coconut Grove. Unfortunately when I got there he had yet to go on, and was a DJ playing to an empty bar - there couldn't have been more than like 10 people in there in total. Man, I hope it filled up later, otherwise Halifax owes D-Sisive an apology cause that's a little lame.

- As expected, Bruce Peninsula were pretty great live. I'd never seen them live, but their mix of gospel-ish harmonies and indie sounds was a whole let of fun.

- I know they're renowned for their size, but they were down to an 8 person touring crew that was still pretty impressive (4 ladies on the vocals, with dudes manning the drums, bass, and guitars).

- Not sure if she's a regular member, but Tamara Lindeman of Entire Cities/The Weather Station played with BP.

- I'm not sure what her name is, but the young lady manning the mic to the left-most side of the stage was clearly feeling the vibes during BP's set. If you were that, you know what I mean - she caught the spirit, and so kudos to her for having such a good time on stage.

Kudos to all the acts in fact, we enjoyed the show a great deal, hopefully everyone else did too. We'll see you out and about over the next few days (well, we'll see you, but you won't see us, as apparently no one knows what we look like....muahahahaha, mysterious, just how we like it)

Video:: York Redoubt @ HPX 09

Video:: Valleys @ HPX 09

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Contest:: Win tix to see Mates of State @ HPX

First the important detail about this show - it's on the same night as our showcase. Therefore, we'd love for you to flood the Seahorse, but naturally, the appeal of this husband and wife team is large and synthy pop might be more your cup of tea than spiritual, thumping anarchy.

Mates of State has been making quality records for years (I loved Bring It Back), and their latest - Re-Arrange Us - brought some much deserved shine to to duo. They are headlining the Paragon show on Wednesday, with support from Kill Krinkle Club, The Subtitles and Iceland's own Sprengjuhollin. Tickets are 25 bucks, so getting two for the price of none is solid no matter how you slice it Charlie.

So, to enter, just send us an email (herohill[AT]gmail[DOTCOM]) or drop us a comment with your email address.

MP3:: Mates of State - My Only Offer (this is H1N1 infectious)


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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Five Funky Stories:: Diemonds

This here music blogging thing can be quite the education, because even though most bloggers would be loathe to admit it, you learn at least a little something about music every day. Take sleaze for example. No, I don't mean what you'd find on the dancefloor at the New Palace at 1:45AM (HI-O!), but rather Sleaze Rock, which I have learned is the new slang for what was more widely known as "glam metal". Who knew? Well I'm sure many of you did, either way, one of Toronto's premier purveyors of Sleaze Rock is playing this year's HPX: Diemonds.

So folks, if you're hitting HPX and looking to party with a band that has ear-splitting guitars in abundance, and a badass female vocalist to boot, then you best be at the Toothy Moose next Saturday night to see Diemonds headline a bill that also features Bike Rodeo, Thrushes, The Pack A.D. and Carpenter. So yeah, that's going to be a loud evening. Priya Panda is that aforementioned badass female lead vocalist, and besides being able to belt out the jams, she has other skills that the youtube commentors for their Highway video articulated nicely ("good band? - good luck guys - sweet lookin' lady on vocals will help big time!"). Anyway, all male jerkish-ness aside, Priya was kind enough to answer our questions, so let's get to it:

Name: Priya Panda
Band: Diemonds

1. Name a Canadian band (past or present) that should be bigger outside this country.

April Wine!!!!! Hands down. They have a KILLER discography and they really wrote a song for everyone. And for a more current band, I'm gonna say Kill Cheerleader from Toronto. I REALLY hope they decide to play live again someday!

2. From your perspective, is the music business in better or worse shape when compared to 10 years ago?

Ii didn't affect me ten years ago, so it might just seem worse now...I don't really think about. I just wanna play!

3. What are your top 3 favorite songwriting topics?

The Apocalypse, Fresh Starts, and Unhappy Endings

4. Dream show...who plays with you/for you?

A badass free festival that went on for days with Aerosmith, Thin Lizzy, ZZ Top, Wings, KISS, Guns N' Roses, Plasmatics, and Crucial Taunt all with their classic lineups oh, and Diemonds and a million people everywhere. And no bag checks! They ruin all the best parties, if you know what I mean.

5. What excites you about most about making music?

Just that whole feeling of being mentally and physically in the gray area between dream and reality, I guess.

MP3:: Diemonds - Highway

VIDEO:: Diemonds - Highway

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Five Funky Stories:: Jenocide

Oh you thought that with HPX set to start next week that perhaps our random question machine might have run out of steam? Sorry friend, but it's just getting warmed up, and so our random question-powered preview for this years Halifax Pop Explosion cranks things up a notch with Jenocide.

Jenocide is the alter-ego of Windom Earle synth-shredder Jen Clarke and she's ready to start a grrl-powered riot on the dance floor at the Paragon next Thursday when she kicks off a sure to be sweaty & crazy night that also features Oldfolks Home, Think About Life, and Cadence Weapon. On top of that, Jenocide just released her first full-length album, Machines To Make Us Wet (oh my Jenocide, you know we love us some naughty double-entendre here at the hill), which is 10 songs of some pretty aggro female electro. So if you can't make her HPX show, at the very least check out the new album.

Name: Jenocide

1. Would you prefer the chance to headline at HFX Pop Explosion or at a festival in another major Canadian city?

toughie! i would like to tour. if i say somewhere else do i get kicked out? wait i got this one:*HOMETOWN PRIDE*! fuck you.

2. What is your favorite venue to play (excluding those in your city of residence)

under the sea (there will be no accusations, just friendly crustaceans).

3. Would you move to the US if it you knew it would further your career?

tell me, what the hell am i doing drinking in LA? at 26? with lady gaga?

4. Can you please tell us what the hell happened to R. Kelly?

why you wanna play me? he's a genius. wait...put on a white suit and then ask me that question again.

5. If we commissioned you to write a song about herohill, what would the title be?

Underneath we're all lovable. hello hero, hero hello. hello hero. hello hello!

MP3:: Jenocide - Fashion Icon

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Five Funky Stories:: Dan Mangan

photo courtesy of

The random question generator isn't afraid to ask the tough questions. Just ask Dan Mangan, as he was forced to deal with the heat of who he might boo on stage and what the best Canadian record of all time is. More importantly, it gives us another chance to talk about the young Vancouver singer. You might think his amazing EP, even better follow up, or the fact he won $25K for being the Verge Artist of the Year would be good enough reason, but you'd be wrong. It's because if pressed to cover one hip-hop track, Dan would choose one of the best hip-hop songs ever.

Dan will be here in Halifax playing two shows during Pop Explosion, including a headline slot on Friday night @ The Company House. Even if we weren't covering the HPX, I'd be waiting anxiously for this show, as Dan is a terrific performer and I love to sing about Robots.
Name: Dan Mangan

Band: currently addicted to the internet


1. Can you think of any band or singer you would boo if they came on-stage unexpectedly?

Donald Rumsfeld?

2. If you could only keep one instrument from your collection, what would it be?

May be typical.. But it's the guitar.. I've only got one decent one.. It's a Taylor

3. Name your all-time favorite Canadian album.

This question is frustratingly hard, and I can't answer it properly, but I will say that "Idols Of Exile" by Jason Collett didn't get the credit it deserved

4. What was the first moment you considered yourself a 'professional musician'?

When I had the opportunity to get back to even with debt and went ahead and spent the money on more gear

5. If forced to cover one hip hop song, what would it be?

93 Til Infinity by Souls Of Mischief

MP3:: Dan Mangan - Road Regrets

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Halifax Pop Explosion Preview:: Said the Whale

It's Thansgiving here in Canada, so today's post is short and sweet... much like some of the best songs by the band I'm writing about. Without a doubt, Vancouver's Said the Whale is going to bring the energy and fun to this year's HPX. Considering they are following the infectious sounds of Hannah Georgas, Wednesday night at the Toothy Moose will be full of smiles and awkward dancing.

Said the Whale is an indie pop outfit, nothing more, nothing less. They write catchy, quick hitting tracks - although, they do shift effortlessly to Decemberists style tales (can't you hear Meloy singing "a black day in December") or even the smooth styles of Voxtrot - that grab your ear on first listen. I think that's because instead of convoluted narratives, the quintet writes what they know. Whether it's a camping trip with sunburned arms or the changes happening to the city they call home, there is something honest about this band.

Throw in the fact, The Magician (Camilo) is probably the jam of the year when it comes to Canadian indie rock (I mean, even Grant Lawrence called it the song of the summer), and I think it's safe to assume that if you can't get into our showcase, you have a rock solid second option.

MP3:: Said the Whale - The Magician (Camilo)

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Five Funky Stories:: Matilda from VALLEYS

Ah random question generator, you do make life fun. Our HPX showcase is getting close, and from a personal point of view, I'm pleased as punch to get Montreal's VALLEYS on our bill.

I have been championing these guys for a minute now, so the chance for me to see what happens when their fragile songs take on more of a shoegazing vibe when they hit the stage is thanks enough for this blog - note, if you want to send us cash, booze or cookies, well we won't say no.

Anyway. Tillie went head to head with the random question generator and we learned that sometimes pants aren't tight enough and Lou Bega has more game then we would have expected. All in all, either is good enough for a Friday.

Name: Tillie Perks

Band: Valleys


1. Would it be worth all the royalties to have to have your name attached to the 'Mambo Number 5?'

It depends, how much are we talking about?

2. Where was your first live performance?

Afro/World beat night club called Balattou in Montreal!

3. What is the worst experience you've had on the road since you started touring?

Sleeping with Lou Bega and still not getting my name in "Mambo Number 5".

4. Super tight pants on dudes: Yes! or Noooooooooooooooo!

YES! My friend Josh started exclusively wearing leggings because his tight pants weren't tight enough. It was a good move.

5. What excites you about most about making music?

The prospect of justifying an irresponsible lifestyle indefinitely.

MP3:: VALLEYS - Silent Woods

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Five Funky Stories:: Nancy from Dog Day

Our random question rundown of the performers at this year's HPX rolls on with Halifax's premier purveyors of darkly melodic indie rock: Dog Day

Although they somehow manage to maintain a low profile, you'd be hard pressed to find a Halifax band that's been discussed more on the intertubes than this Halifax foursome (yes, they remain a foursome despite drummer KC Spidle's departure, Rob Shedden (The Got To Get Got) is stepping in). With good reason too, very few bands are able to pair dark, swirling sounds and good old fashioned fuzzed out rock with floaty male/female harmonies like DD can. Dog Day's HPX show is on Saturday, Oct. 24th at The Seahorse, where they'll be headlining an evening that also features Ontario outfits Attack In Black & Ex-Po as well as Halifax's The Mighty Northumberland. So let's see how DD bassist Nancy Urich fared vs. the random question machine:

Name: Nancy Urich
Band: Dog Day

1. What's the longest time period you've gone without showering on the road?

probably around 5 days or so. thats when ya start using the filth as a protective coating. ewww.

2. Name one Halifax must-do for someone visiting for the first time.

hmmm. i guess i'd have to say check out some rawk shows wherever they may be. otherwise, food such as Robie Food.

3. We might invite you to play the fictional Hillfest, what will be on your rider?

water, local beer and bourbon. and then any meatless foods, we accept the standard nachos, salsa and hummus.

4. Discuss your #1 musical influence in one sentence. Go.

guitar rock reverb and harmonies. that's probably not a sentence.

5. Name a song you love that might surprise people.

valentine girl by the new kids. tho thats probably not a surprise.

Like your favorite Twin Hype EP, this post is a bit of a Double Barrel. This is because Nancy's answering of our random questions also coincides with the release of Elder Schoolhouse, a five song, limited edition vinyl release that the band recorded with Rick White at Elder Schoolhouse (one of the songs on side A was written by White himself for the band), which serves as White's home/studio. This release finds the band in a more musically experimental mood, stretching and exploring their songs moreso than in the past, but their trademark sound is still there. DD has released Synastry as a single, and you can check out its combination of driving guitar and haunting vocals below.

As I said, this is a limited vinyl release (400 copies to ship the end of this month), so head over to Divorce records to snap one up.

MP3:: Dog Day - Synastry

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Five Funky Stories:: Mike from York Redoubt

My how time flies, HPX '09 is but a mere couple weeks away, and so we roll on with our random-question powered preview. Perhaps you've heard, but this year's herohill showcase takes place on Wednesday, Oct. 21st at the Seahorse, and so far, from that evening's stellar lineup, we've talked to folks from Bruce Peninsula and The Got To Get Get. But now I think its time for a random chat with evening openers York Redoubt

The Ack was a big fan of the melodic distortion found on YR's self-titled debut, and I have to say that, even though on first listen I wasn't sure if they were in my wheelhouse, I'm actually a really big fan of their album now. So do yourself a favour and check out York Redoubt, and then join us at the Seahorse on the 21st. Mike from YR was kind enough to answer some questions, so let's get to them.

Name: Gordon Mike Wright
Band: York Redoubt

1. Why do people still say 'We're doing an East Coast tour!' when they're only going as far as Quebec?

I wouldn't know. We are a regional band.

2. What is the worst experience you've had on the road since you started touring?

I've only been on one tour, but I know now that I'm afraid of moose at night.

3. Name a band that you wish was still putting out records

The Gideons

4. Name your all-time favorite Halifax album.

Hi Firey - Don't Worry About The Future

5. You can ask any musician dead or alive one question, who do you ask?

I might ask Patsy Cline to tell me about doom.

MP3:: York Redoubt - Upside

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Halifax Pop Explosion Preview:: Hannah Georges

Other than the fact we are hosting a showcase – oh, did we not mention that today – Valleys, Bruce Peninsula, The Got to Get Got and York Dedoubt???? – the best part about Halifax Pop Explosion is that it’s the one time of the year where the beacon of our national scene shines directly on Canada’s ocean playground. East Coast bias is politely left at the door, drinks are shared, donairs are carved and for four days, amazing bands litter the downtown instead of mullets and power drinkers.

There are tons of acts that everyone will want to see – Dan Mangan, Ohbijou, Julie Doiron, Red Mass and, well the list goes on – but there are tons of smaller names that otherwise would probably never make it out this far. One of those acts is a Vancouver based singer named Hannah Georgas, and chances are even if you've never heard her name before, soon you will be hearing it everywhere you turn.

Her debut EP – The Beat Stuff – came out in January and I’m not sure how I missed it. I mean, it’s easy to overlook talented female singers with the embarrassment of riches Canada is producing these days, but Hannah has the talent and sound to be one that the world gets to here. Honestly, without trying to push a new artist into undeserved waters and unfair comparisons, Georgas offers listeners glimpses of Imogen Heap’s falsetto, Jenn Grant’s playful arrangements (although, she’s replaces Grant’s childlike whimsy with a more grounded reality) and even some of hints of the strums and delivery we’ve all come to expect from Julie Doiron.

But it’s her honest, call 'em as she sees 'em style that helps Georgas stand out. Writing a song about going to see The National, forgetting all the shit between her and an ex just hoping to run into each him so they can just singing along to the songs they love or admitting (over three of the catchiest pop minutes you will hear this year) that she’s broke and has no money to go out but is still happy (The Beat Stuff) might seem too every day for most song writers, but hearing a woman sing about what she has being all she needs, is refreshing. She's not pining for fairy tale romance, riches or fame or even anything more than the most common desires and expectations, but she's passionate about each and every thing she has.

Nowhere is that more enjoyable than her tribute to her new home on All I Need. We all pick up and leave, searching for a new life, a life start, and most importantly, a new home but very few of us find what we are looking for. There are great days, new friends, but how many of us can admit that we really know we made the right decision when we turned the ignition determined to never look back? When the tempo surges and she repeats the sing/shouted vocals, “all I need is this right now” you know Georgas is fulfilled and content. Kind of like me every time I throw on this delightful 5 song EP I guess.

Hannah Georgas plays at the Toothy Moose on Oct 21st so the scheduling gods have not been kind. If you have hustle, you can bust ass from the Seahorse Tavern where we will be and catch her set before The Got to Get Got takes the stage.

MP3:: Hannah Georgas - The Beat Stuff

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Five Funky Stories:: Chad from Kestrels

Five Funky Stories:: Chad from Kestrels

If you know our history here at the hill, you'll know that we enjoy the cut of Kestrels jib. We've talked about them a few times on the site, and they're a past recipient of the herohill/MNS artist of the month designation, so it was natural that we got them hooked up with our random question machine in advance of their HPX show.

You can see Kestrels play as part of the Noyes showcase on Wednesday, Oct. 21st at the Toothy Moose along with Hannah Georges, Said The Whale, and The Memories Attack. Yes, that happens to be the same night as the herohill showcase, and so ordinarily I would tell you to forget going to it, but I hear the Toothy Moose has a huge moose sign that shoots steam out of it's nose, so I wouldn't want anyone to miss that. Oh, and the bands are pretty great too. Anyway, to the matter at hand. Kestrels frontman Chad agreed to face the random question machine, so let's get to it.

Name: Chad
Band: Kestrels

1. Name a song you love that might surprise people.

"I Want You" by Elvis Costello. Not actually a guilty pleasure...that song is just stupidly good.

2. What's your favorite thing to do to pass time on the road?

Read and listen to the iPod. Excessive mouth breathing to annoy my bandmates. I like going to guitar stores more than I probably should.

3. If forced to cover one hip hop song, what would it be?

'Basketball' by Kurtis Blow / 'Triumph' by Wu-Tang / 'Dog Shit' by Wu-tang.

4. Phil Collins, yes or no?

NO. Yes. (records). Well...he was part of this: so it's not a total no.

5. What's the most unusual audience you've played for?

Seated theatre of about 150 people at the Marigold Center in Truro. 99% of the crowd was there to see the Novaks, and we were deer in the bright stage lights.

MP3:: Kestrels - Our Velocity

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Five Funky Stories:: Ricardo from Oldfolks Home

Now that the countdown for HPX '09 is on, we've been trying to pit our magical random question machine against as many of this year's performers as possible in the hopes that hilarity and/or insight would ensue. So who's our latest contestant? Why it's Ricardo Lopez of Winnipeg's Oldfolks Home.

Ricardo and OFH is a natural choice for us, considering he's been featured on our Manitoba mixtape, done a fantastic take on a BSS song for our sporadic Word On The Beat section, and seems to be by all accounts a very nice dude. Ricardo & OFH are part of a great HPX show, playing The Paragon on Thursday, October 22nd with Jenocide, Think About Life, and mr. Roland Pemberton - so read his answers below, and then get out and see him next month.

Name: Ricardo
Band: Oldfolks Home

1. Super tight pants on dudes: Yes! or Noooooooooooooooo!

It depends on how hot the weather is. Although my yoga shorts are pretty tight, but I am expecting to sweat and they're shorts. Does that count? I guess my real answer is no. I don't have the right kind of legs.

2. What's the best band name you can think of in the next 15 seconds?

I can't say on the internet for fear of insulting too many people and ruining my bands good name.

3. Name your all-time favorite Canadian album.

You Forgot it in People by BSS

4. Mr. Dressup or The Friendly Giant? (or neither because you're too young and have no idea who they are)

Because I don't remember either (although I watched both), The Hilarious House of Frightenstein.

5. Patio Lanterns, Go For Soda, or WFT does that mean?

Patio Lanterns because he complains too much in Go For A Soda.

MP3:: Oldfolks Home - Letter To Kerri

MP3:: Oldfolks Home - I Hate Dell (Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees RMX)

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Five Funky Stories:: D-Sisive

Five Funky Stories is the magical random question generator to harass profile acts that are coming to Halifax, and with HPX on the horizon, we're going to try and feature as many of the acts as we can here. We're starting with one someone I'm rather excited to see perform, D-Sisive.

I doubt anyone in the bloggity-blog world has talked more about this T.O. MC and his return to the music world over the last year or so than us, so if you need to know his history, just poke around the site for posts like this here and this one.

You can check out D live in Halifax when he plays the Coconut Grove on October 21st, but now let's get the questions:

Name: D-Sisive
Band: Chaka Demus and Pliers

1. Have you ever played a keytar?

Nope. But have you heard the news? Dewey Cox died.

2. From your perspective, is the music business in better or worse shape when compared to 10 years ago?

It's different. It's benefitting in different ways than it did, though also suffering. It's easy to blame downloading, but I believe it's responsible for it's own demise. The value of music has gone down because of the bullshit that's released. Art is a minority more than ever. I can write about this for hours, but it's nothing that hasn't been said already. We need to do something about this Napster all the kids are using. Once you ban that, people will buy music again.

3. Who would you pay to see play live?

I've recently discovered the genius that is Tiny Tim beyond "Tiptoe Through The Tulips". His music is incredible. I paid over $100 for the 'Complete Reprise' collection and it's brilliant. His production is insane. I can't believe he hasn't been sampled to death. If he was still around, I'd definitely pay to see him live.

4. What's the longest time period you've gone without showering on the road?

Not more than three days. I've heard many filthy road stories, but I've been fortunate to have been able to consistantly clean myself during my long trips. Though, there have been nights where a hotel room wasn't provided, but the venue had a shower. Let's just say it's not easy to exfoliate when you're stepping in shit. I went through a lot of socks in the UK.

5. If forced to cover one hip hop song, what would it be?

Forced, like at gunpoint? I've covered a lot of songs in my day, so I'm going to treat this like an 'at gunpoint' question and assume you want me to name a three minute and thirty second hunk of shit. "Popped", though I will forever love that beat.

MP3:: D-Sisive - Like This f. Guilty Simpson

MP3:: D-Sisive - Four

MP3:: DJ Serious & D-Sisive - Popped

MP3:: Chaka Demus & Pliers - Murder She Wrote

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Friday, September 4, 2009

News:: More 2009 Halifax Pop Explosion Lineup

The Halifax Pop Explosion recently announced the latest editions to this year's lineup, and so we wanted to make sure we passed the news on (another reminder that you can buy tickets here). I know the lineup is generating a lot of excitement here in Haltown already, but if you've been sitting where you are thinking about coming here for HPX, perhaps someone listed below can help push you over the edge. I mean Girl Talk, c'maaan guy, get your neon gear on and get amped! Just check the song below, dude mixes In A Big Country with Whoomp, There It Is! That's like two of my favorite jams of all time, and it's only the start of the song (jokes aside, I did have Big Country on vinyl in the 80's).

That's just the tip of the iceberg though, here's the full list of the latest additions:

Girl Talk
Timber Timbre
Crystal Antlers
Bruce Peninsula
Brian Borcherdt
Red Mass
Think About Life

The lineup just keeps getting better and better, and they are also managing to make sure they have a little something, no matter what your taste. The Ack is excited, as his post last weekend on Owen indicates, but with names like Timber Timbre, Bruce Peninsula, Crystal Antlers, Think About Life, and Zeus, he certainly isn't the only one. A lot of these shows are going to sell out too, so hit up and make sure you will be there.

MP3:: Owen - Good Friends, Bad Habits

MP3:: Girl Talk - Hands In The Air

MP3:: Bruce Peninsula - Crabapples

MP3:: Think About Life - Johanna

MP3:: Red Mass - Terrorizer

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

News:: 2009 Halifax Pop Explosion Lineup

It struck me today that it was high time we got a post up for HPX '09, and when you consider that my first post for HPX '08 was a year ago today, my timing seems bang on. HPX is of course the Halifax Pop Explosion, certainly the indie event of the year for many in this city, and I don't think it's a stretch to say that since its inception 17 years ago, it has become one of the biggest music festivals of it's kind in Canada.

Well, now that I've broken out the hyperbole, can the '09 lineup back up my big talk? Well have a gander at some of the acts confirmed thus far and let me know:

Mates of State
Cadence Weapon
Jenn Grant
By Divine Right
You Say Party, We Say Die
Two Hours Traffic
The Acorn
Final Fantasy
Julie Doiron & Herman Dune,

Well now, I don't think you can say that the festival doesn't already include some of the Canadian music scene's more buzzworthy names, and if past years are any indication, there's more where they came from. Final Fantasy is of course a previous Polaris Prize winner, and D-Sisive & Japandroids were in the long-list mix for this year's honour. By Divine Right, The Acorn, You Say Party, We Say Die, Two Hours Traffic & Ohbijou are hot tickets across the country, Julie Doiron is a legend out here (and other places), and Cadence Weapon is a Poet Laureate. Solid list in my opinion.

So, now that your interest is peaked, you need to know the ticket situation:

Early bird passes for the 2009 Halifax Pop Explosion are available until August 31. Prices are $80 for standard festival passes and $190 for VIP passes. Passes are available online at and in person at all Ticketpro outlets.

So get on those Early Bird passes, and also:

Tickets for the MSTRKRFT show go on sale Wednesday, August 12. Tickets are $30 in advance and $40 at the door. Tickets will be available online at and in person at all Ticketpro outlets.

Start getting excited. We are.

MP3:: Ohbijou - Black Ice

MP3:: D-Sisive - Four (Radio Edit)

MP3:: Japandroids - Young Hearts Spark Fire

MP3:: MSTRKRFT - Bounce (SONPUB Remix)

MP3:: Cadence Weapon - Sharks (with Final Fantasy)

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