Thursday, November 12, 2009

M for Montreal:: Le Matos

Next week I’ll be heading up to Montreal to rub elbows with the big names in journalism and help promote the ever growing and successful Montreal scene. As one of the delegates for M For Montreal, basically we roll into the city and get treated to shows and sit down time courtesy of some of the best bands in Montreal (and some extra special guest from other provinces).

Now, if you scan the list of people coming to this event, you might wonder how we are standing on equal ground with Exclaim!, ABC, SXSW, NME and CMJ New Music Report, and to be honest, we aren’t sure. Maybe it’s our dedication to the bands they included (we’ve reviewed roughly 75% of them), the Canadian scene in general, or luck of the draw. Either way, it should be a good time.

Even though we've covered most of the acts already, there are a few bands that we haven’t talked about yet, so the chance to see these bands play quick hitting sets is probably the best type of introduction we could ask for. One that is destined to get the journalistic types moving is Le Matos. The electro duo is headlining a night with some terrific herohill approved acts including Two Hours Traffic (review), Parlovr (review), and Silver Starling (review) - not to mention a special appearance by Cadence Weapon on the 1's and 2's - and their unique ability to create music that makes you want to dance but still hits with the weight of soundscapes tailor made for cinematic decadence is something I look forward to experiencing first hand.

Here's a sneak peak of a jam I hope they play. It's a killer remix of Coeur de Pirate's Comme des Enfants. Enjoy!

MP3:: Comme des Enfants - Coeur de Pirate (Le Matos remix)

MP3:: Comme des Enfants - Coeur de Pirate

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