Thursday, October 22, 2009

News:: Martha Wainright on Daytrotter

As usual, the title says it all. Martha Wainright stoppped by the Daytrotter studio and record a great littlse session. Highlight for me? How about an unreleased song that somehow feels tender and intimate, showcases her great voice and still surges like an anthem? Well my friends, that is exactly what you get when you hear So Hard. The version of Hearts Club Band is pretty amazing to, but she could sing the phonebook and I'd be happy and sway along.

Hopefully by now you realize how many great songs Daytrotter gives you for the low, low price of free so do them a solid and click a few of their adds to make sure they can keep delivering the goods.

MP3:: Martha Wainright - So Hard (live on Daytrotter)

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