Monday, March 9, 2009

Old School Mondays:: DJ Quik (Quik Is The Name Edition)

Well last week's OSM blew the doors off this joint, resulting in traffic numbers that are un-heard of around these parts. It gave us a taste of how the blogging other-half lives, and if I had known that many people were dying to hear songs from Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, I would've posted them a long time ago (although I think we lured a bunch of people who thought we had new Outkast jams).

We knew it would be impossible to generate that kind of traffic again this week, no matter what we posted (unless we posted some songs from, oh I don't know, Outkast maybe? Who's up for that!). But the Ack and I talked about finding a way to keep the OSM party going. There's no better way to do that than with one of the absolute best party songs of the golden age: DJ Quik's Tonite. The Ack asked if we'd ever used this gem before, and when I realized we hadn't, it was a no-brainer. Honestly, who doesn't love Quik? Rapper/producer David Blake has always possessed one of the best perms in hip hop, and his melodic production has resulted in some standout tracks.

There are none more standout than Tonite though, which uses the near-unbeatable premise of a party song about a party. Quik has always been an unabashed user of synth-based production, but he makes he work like few others ever have. Tonite is a prime example of that, as it has a drum track that sounds like handclaps and someone banging on a small glass bottle with a stick, but it's also tremendous. Lyrically Quik is no slouch either, as he's charismatic and has a very smooth flow that's easy on the ears. He's a good storyteller too, as Tonite proves, and as the Ack pointed out, he's man enough to let you know he's taking a tub before the partying-down commences.

Tonite also contains this line, which, in the humble of your friends here at the hill, should be enshrined in the hip hop lyrics hall of fame:

And now I'm out of the tub, I'm feelin' fancy free
Spray on some Serious and put on my Givenchy
Sweatsuit, the gray one with the burgundy trim
And it's a medium, fit me proper cause I'm nice and slim

The video is also a Golden Age masterpiece, with the "see-through fridge full of 40's in an empty meadow" shot being one of my favorites. So, have a taste of Tonite, especially if you've never heard it. We also have a live version of that song that we're including, for a couple reason: Quik freaks the drum machine crazy at the start, and in the middle of it he says "Big bucks, no whammies". Which is, you know, awesome (he also keeps shouting out Chingy, which might've been awesome in 2006, but is now, uhhh, less so). But we can't leave it there, we also have one of the other singles from the album Born & Raised In Compton, which is a pretty addition to the pantheon of Compton odes, and the hyper-speed title track, which likely has the best Techmo Bowl interpolation ever in the middle of it. Enjoy!


DJ Quik - Tonite

DJ Quik - Born and Raised In Compton


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