Saturday, November 21, 2009

News:: Paul Murphy of Wintersleep family affair - POSTDATA

We usually don't post "news" on the hill, but this is the kind of announcement that demands attention. Paul Murphy - guitar man/vocalist of Wintersleep - is fixing to put out a record he made with his brother as a gift for their mom. Under the moniker Postdata, the Murphy Boys hammered out some songs at their parent's house in Yarmouth, and revisited them almost a year later.

The results - or the few songs I've heard - are stripped down and powerful, channeling a sadness that often has no end. It's more than melancholy, it's the type of sad that brings few answers and only more questions. It's death. It's pleading to know why and if they are ok. Instead of being a vessel to get things off his chest, Postdata sounds like Paul and Michael reaching out for something to hold, only to see the horizon move farther and farther away.

This is the type of record that I'll need to sit down with and really soak in, but just reading the details got me excited. Hopefully this sneak preview - Tobias Gray - will do the same for you.

MP3:: Postdata - Tobias Grey

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