Thursday, March 18, 2010

Quick Hitters:: Slate Pacific - The Safe Passage Remix EP

It's kind of fun when the artist says this kind of thing about one of their own projects:

The Slate Pacific Remix EP is an absurd idea that somehow works.

It's even funner when they're right. I reviewed this Fredericton outfit's last EP, Safe Passage, almost a year ago, and if you were to ask me which EP's I've heard in the last year are a perfect candidate for a remixed version of themselves, I have to confess that this one likely wouldn't come to mind. And that's not any comment on the EP's quality, I liked it quite a bit, but the heavy, emotional feel found on most of Logan Hawkes' songs doesn't seem to to make them a good companion for the uptempo electronic treatment. But that's why this remix EP proves two things: 1) I often don't know much 2) When music is concerned, it always pays to experiment.

Or rather, have some friend to experiment with you, and The SP enlisted friends like Paranerd, Professor Undressor, Senor Citizen, and Sean One to transform their songs - to a rather pleasing effect. Senior Citizen opens the EP with a fairly faithful take on Thirteen Kinds of Chemicals, adding some big drums and fizzy modulation to the moody track. The subdued drums & re-worked guitars used by First Words MC/producer Sean One on his remix for Jenn's Not Going To Make It might make it my favorite track on this EP. It certainly has some competition though, as the sunny, Professor Undressor remix of OEC is very catchy, and renders the original almost un-recognizable.

So kudos to the folks from Slate Pacific for being able to have some fun with their music, and trusting their songs in the hands of their friends. Now they want these songs to be in your hands, as they're giving the EP away for free, so go ahead and have a listen. I myself will be listening for new Slate Pacific music, in whatever form it comes.

MP3:: The Slate Pacific - Jenn's Not Going To Make It (Sean One Mix)

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

What's This, A Party?:: Root Down & The Shining Path

Ok, due to some busy-ness last weekend, we didn't get and remix goodness posted for you fine folks last weekend. That won't do, so we're making it up to you with a double dose today. Neither has any Canadian content, but they are both pretty great in my humble, so I don't foresee much complaining.

We posted NY producer 5 Alive's K'Naan remix a month or so ago, and to show his gratitude, Mike sent us a few more of his creations. One of which happens to mix the Beasties Root Down with the infamous Michael McDonald sample that was likely already famous, but Warren G made famous-er. Well, seeing as how the hill loves both the Beasties and Regulate, this was a no-brainer to post - it just took a little while to get up. It's a good one, I think you'll enjoy it.

The next song is a little more current, but just as good. I've been an RJD2 fan for quite some time, so it's been good to see people excited about RJ's new album, The Colossus. There's another NY producer who's also excited about this album: Alan Wilkis, who recently sent us his remix of The Shining Path, which is a really smoothed out, jazzy take on the song and it suits Phonte Coleman's vocals to a T. Another really good song and remix for you, so enjoy it, and your weekend.

MP3:: Beastie Boys - Root Down (5 Alive Remix)

MP3:: RJD2 - The Shining Path (Alan Wilkis Remix)

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

What's This, A Party?:: You Say Party! We Say Die!

Well, with the 2010 Winter Olympics kicking off last night in Vancouver, it only seemed right that we fire up a Vancouver-related remix to get your Saturday up & smoking (wink, wink, nudge, nudge - you know what I'm saying Vancouver).

Well it was lucky we just so happened to have this Los Campesinos remix of Laura Parker's Prom by You Say Party! We Say Die! on hand, and it's a perfect fit. YSPWSD is of course from Vancouver, and Los Campesinos represents Cardiff, Wales, which will be represented at the Olympics by the Great Britain squad. So you know, a perfect fit! And the remix is a good one - it's rare as far as remixes go in that it is likely more rocking and less electronic than the original, but it's solid none the less. Enjoy!

Oh, and Go Canada, get us some of that biathlon gold.

MP3:: YSPWSD - Laura Palmer's Prom (Los Campesinos Remix)

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

What's This, A Party?:: Classified, Iyaz & Skratch Bastid

Not sure if you've heard, but the Winter Olympics are starting next week, and they are in Canada! Vancouver to be precise. I don't know about you, but I'm starting to get that Winter Olympics fever pretty bad - there's nothing that heats up my February like some hot Biathlon action.

So then, how about something a little patriotic to get us all fired up to dominate all those Estonians and Slovaks who are heading to Vancouver next week to try and deprive us of our destiny of winning the overall medal competition. Well I can't think of anything more suitable for such a purpose than Classified's Oh Canada. Last month, Class put the call out for folks to come out and help him film the video for this very pro-Canada song from his last album, Self-Explanatory, and the results are pretty fun.

However, the point of this series is to post some of the remixes we're sent, and it just so happens we have one that's Classified-related. Halifax native, and DJ extraordinaire Skratch Bastid has flipped a rather ubiquitous radio favorite from Iyaz with Classified's The Maritimes - not a likely combo by any means, but the results are rather enjoyable. So, enjoy.

VIDEO:: Classified - Oh... Canada

MP3:: Iyaz - Replay (Skratch Bastid Classified Maritimes Remix)

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quick Hitters:: Archie Cooper If I Had Train Fare

I'll be honest. Today's post is a little half assed; not on the part of the artist; this effort was meticulously constructed, but the writer. Last night we both were out watching The Wooden Sky and Paper Beat Scissors set the bar extremely high for the rest of the acts at IDOW, and my brain is moving slower than I'd like. Thankfully, I have the ear pleasing sounds of Archie Cooper to distract me as they loop over and over to shake the morning cobwebs.

The young Canadian DJ took the familiar vocals and trademark grit of John Lee Hooker as a starting point for a remix record entitled, If I Had Train Fare. Before you give a huge disappointed face and cry outrage that a young DJ would tamper with the greatness of JLH - like I almost did - it should be noted immediately that Cooper treats the compositions with respect, letting the timeless music drive the project instead of relying on the egotistical premise that he can rework the tracks into something great, in turn making them unpalatable for any fan of the original.

Blues guitar, horns and vocal snippets are fused seamlessly with samples, cuts, and beats into a remarkably understated, but highly enjoyable listen. The instantly recognizable "I'm bad, like Jesse James" is looped and scratched on Drifter Session 8, but for hip hoppers, that classic line is no more familiar than hearing Busta Rhymes drop "as I come back" when Cooper slides it into Everything Burns.

This record is obviously indebted to the past, but certainly not stuck in it. Cooper pays tribute to a great artist, and treads lightly (but confidently) around the songs in an effort to expose a new crowd of music lovers to a legend. Best part, well, you can download it all for free. I highly recommend you do.

MP3:: Archie Cooper - Drifter Session 8

MP3:: Archie Cooper - Everything Burns (Holistic Mix)

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

What's This, A Party?:: K'Naan ABC's Remix

We launched this new weekend section for remixes last week, so if you're looking for the history behind it, go back and check it out. And quite honestly, that Tor-made Final Fantasy/Q-Tip remix did such big business that it appears this new section may have peaked after one week, but the show must go on, as they say.

And go on it will, with a remix of K'Naan's ABC's done by NYC producer 5 Alive. Not only is this a great song that's been given a pretty sweet, machine-gun-funk kind of make-over by 5 Alive, but it features hill fave the Chubbster, which itself is really enough to get it a posting here. On top of that, K'Naan performed during last night's Canada For Haiti benefit, so it seems even more appropriate. Enjoy.

MP3:: K'Naan - ABCs f. Chubb Rock (5 Alive Remix)

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Quick Hitters:: Back To The Beat vol.II: Old School Classics - Remixed

Because my wife is away for a mini-business trip, last night meant double-Daddy duty for me, and that unfortunately deprives you of the usual, in-depth waffle I try and serve up on a daily basis. However, I didn't want to leave you hanging with nothing new for your Tuesday afternoon, so I'll out you in the know about Back To The Beat vol.II, which is a remix album done by NYC producer Nomadic Beatz that gives some classic golden age hip hop tracks a modern re-working.

It features some well-known jams like Stop The Violence, I Cram To Understand U, and Just A Friend , but it also re-works some lesser-appreciated jams like hill-fav Cinderfella Dana Dane, Chill Rob G's Court Is Now In Session, and The Posse Is Large from the awesome Lakim Shabazz. The remixes are more on the subtle tip, with Nomadic Beatz not trying to outshine the vocals with any block-rocking beats, and it's a wise move as the songs still retain their classic qualities but still feel updated.

Cinderfella is given a laid back soul vibe, while Stop The Violence is graced with some appropriate snippets from Obama. The somewhat obscure Salt & Pepa track Everybody Get Up is given an excellent, Beatnuts-esque flute-looped beat and Lyte's classic I Cram To Understand You sounds like a Mayer Hawthorne song at the start. NT laces the one song I couldn't recall hearing before I Gotta Good Thing, by Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud, with an accordion filled beat that really gives the song a modern feel (impressive for an '88 era song). I know you're intriqued, but there's still more! The track list:

1. Fresh Stuff Intro
2. Cinderfella Dana Dane – Dana Dane
3. Stop The Violence – Boogie Down Productions
4. I Cram To Understand U – MC Lyte
5. Princess Of The Posse – Queen Latifah
6. The Posse Is Large – Lakim Shabazz
7. Just A Friend – Biz Markie
8. Set It Off – Big Daddy Kane
9. Everybody Get Up – Salt-N-Pepa
10. I Gotta Good Thing - Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud
11. Fresh Is The Word – Mantronix
12. Court Is Now In Session – Chill Rob G
13. Ill Street Blues Dub Outro – Kool G Rap

All this for a low, low price you can afford: free.99. So grab this today why don't you?

MP3:: Dana Dane - Cinderfella Dana Dane (Nomadic Trackz Remix)

MP3:: Biz Markie - Just A Friend (Nomadic Trackz Remix)

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

What's This, A Party?:: Tor - Final Fantasy & Q-Tip Remix

If the Ack thought I would stand idly by while he launched a new section earlier this week (our new hot singles section Matt Dillon's Soul Patch), he was mistaken. We've been thinking of creating a new section for a while to post the remixes we're sent, which are often quite good, but they don't often fit into what we normally do on a daily basis. So, we've created this section, that we'll run occasionally on Saturdays when we've go something good, so you can kick your weekend up a few notches.

The name? Well it comes courtesy of Jeanette Lapaix, mother of hill co-founder Shawn Lapaix, who would utter the phrase any time she'd roll into Shawn's bedroom/dance studio/kung fu movie theatre and there were any more than 2 people present. It became the stuff of legend amongst the HH extended posse, and so what better way to pay tribute than to immortalize it on our moderately successful Canadian music blog? Exactly, there is no better way. As we've mentioned before, Shawn loved Kid N' Play, so a stylin' pic of them also seems like a good idea.

So what are we debuting the section with? Well, it's a good one: a remix of Final Fantasy's The CN Tower Belongs to The Dead that mixes in the vocals from Q-Tip's Work It Out (and yes, I know it's Owen Pallet now, but this song is from his Final Fantasy days). It's done by Montreal producer Tor, who garnered a nice bit of buzz for his Sufjan Stevens/hip hop remix project Illinoize, and he's got another good one on his hands here. Enjoy!

MP3:: Tor - The CN Tower can work it out (Final Fantasy f. Q-Tip)

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Quick Hitters:: Keys N Krates

I don't know about you, but my sinus-clogged Wednesday needs a swift, musical-kick in the slacks. Luckily for me (and perhaps you), I found exactly that, whilst going through the mass of hill emails last night, in the form of Keys N Krates.

Keys N Krates is a trio from T.O. comprised of a DJ (Jr. Flo), a keyboardist (Matisse) and a drummer (Adam Tune), that have pooled their talents to create a sound that they call "live re-mixing". Basically what they do is use the keys, drums, and especially the turntable wizardry of Jr. Flo to re-create the sound of your favorite songs, many of them old school hip hop and R&B; classics. Sounds simple enough, but the results are G.D. catchy, I can tell you that. And based on the non-stop touring they are doing (especially in the US), I'm not the only one whole thinks so.

But it's likely for the best if you sample their sounds for yourself - they've made their debit mixtape, Live Re-Mixing 101, available for download via Soundcloud, so by all means go check that out. It features their take on "Mos Def's Ms. Fat Booty, Tribe Called Quest favorites, The Fugee's, Fu-Gee-La, Talib's Get By, Dr. Dre's, Next Episode, Simian Mobile Disco's We Are Your Friends and more", and really, if it doesn't induce a little chair-dancing, or at the very least, some vigorous head-nodding, from you this afternoon, well then you likely need another coffee. Or you're in a coma.

MP3:: Keys N Krates - The Longest Night

MP3:: Keys N Krates - City of Awards (KNK X TRIBE LIVE RMX)

Keys N Krates - Fugees - FuGeeLa Live REMIX


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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

News:: New Skratch Bastid Kardinal Remix

There's a chance you might have gotten this impression if you've been reading my curmudgeon-esque posts for any length of time, but when I lived in Toronto, I was not "up in the club" all that often. Bars, pubs, even the odd tavern - sure, I was in my fair share of those, but attendance at the city's dance-oriented establishments was rather poor. However, were I still in T.O., there's an event coming up this weekend that might have gotten me to go against the grain.

Skratch Bastid Presents: Scratch, Skratch, Scratch goes down this weekend at Revival Bar in Toronto. The show features, of course, Skratch Bastid, who will be joined by the legendary Scratch from The Roots, and Canadian DJ vet Starting from Scratch. The three of them have been working on a number of live routines that blend the the two DJ's scratching & mixing with the beatbox wizardry of Scratch, as they re-work a number of classic beats & breaks. The Stopper. The Screamin' Jay Hawkins sample that biggie made famous. A Spoonie Gee/Run DMC mash-up. If you're a fan of classic hip hop, you'll like think it's awesome stuff, so check the videos of their practice routines below.

Before the videos though, we've got another Skratch Bastid-related treat for you: his new remix of Kardinal's hyper new hit, Clear. It's only right that Canada's hardest working DJ should do a little something with the ever-hustling Kardi, and this Planet Rock-sounding remix is really solid, so enjoy!

MP3:: Kardinal Offishall - Clear (SKRATCH BASTID REMIX)

Skratch Bastid & Scratch - The Stopper

Skratch Bastid, Scratch, DJ Starting From Scratch - 'Screamin Jay Hawkins'

Skratch Bastid & Scratch - Spoonie Gee/Run-DMC

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Quick Hitters:: K'Naan & J. Period (The Messengers Remixes)

Last week the Ack posted a rather thoughtful opine on K'NAAN's Polaris-nominated album Troubadour. I think one of his main points was that too many guests can even dull the impact of you album if you have a compelling story to tell, as K'NAAN does. I doubt this is what j.Period & K'NAAN were thinking when they devised The Messengers mixtape series, but it seems they've taken the Ack's advice without knowing it.

The Messengers is a remix project done by DJ/Producer J.Period and T.O./Somali MC K'NAAN, and it matches K with three of music's most celebrated "Messengers": Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, and Bob Dylan. And it's free, which is always a welcome message - the Fela and Marley mixes are available now on J.Period's website. They mix both original verses and some of the tracks from K'NAAN's latest album with classic tracks from the iconic musicians, and they're pretty enjoyable. I think K's flow is more of natural fit with Marley's melodies vs. Fela's raw funk, but that said, it's pretty easy to be drawn to a Marley song, and after listening to the Fela mix a couple times yesterday, I think it's equally strong.

Both Fela and Bob, whilst really quite different, are kind of obvious matches for K'NAAN, but I have no idea how the Bob Dylan version will turn out - I'm kind of interested to find out though. For now though, go ahead and grab these mixes, and check some samples below.

MP3:: J.Period & K'NAAN - Let's Start (Messengers Remix)

MP3:: J.Period & K'NAAN - Ololufe Mi (Messengers Remix)

MP3:: J.Period & K'NAAN - Belly Full (Messengers Remix) f. Kardinal, Steele & Bajah

MP3:: J.Period & K'NAAN - Fatima / Stir It Up (Messengers Remix)

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Fun:: Mayer Hawthorne Remix

I'm a big fan of Mayer Hawthorne's debut, A Strange Arrangement, this is something I've mentioned already. However, I have to say I'm impressed that so many other folks have hopped on the Mayer train - his album made it up to the 9 spot on the iTunes, leaping over luminaries such as Madonna and Pitbull to get there (Madonna, really? I assumed people still buying Madonna albums would be rocking those cut-off lace gloves and looking for her new cassette at Sam The Record Man, but what do I know).

This is encouraging for a couple reasons, mainly because it's good to see a quality record get its props, but also because it shows that for all the esoteric esoterica we blogs talk about, people will still support a really good, enjoyable album. So get over to iTunes and support good music by getting your copy.

To give you a gentle, funky push in that direction, here's a OG-approved remix of Just Ain't Gonna Work Out from Mayer and the good folks at Stones Throw. Enjoy.

MP3:: Just Aint Gonna Work Out (Astronote El Camino Remix)

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