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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Video Hits:: Ghettosocks, Muneshine & Ron Contour

I'm not sure what I was searching for the other day, but I came across a random link to a post of ours posted somewhere with this description of our little outfit: "HeroHill.com is one of Canada's reputable hip-hop blogs." Well it's pretty debatable how reputable we are, and calling us a hip hop blog is kind of a Shawn Bradley-esque stretch. I guess it's not completely outlandish, as I do try and post plenty of good Canadian hip hop content on the site, but I'm far from consistent in that posting. A big reason why I try and get Canadian hip hop up on the hill is simply because there aren't a lot of outlets for the folks making that music here in Canada to get something written about them.

So lets write about them! It's Thursday, and that means videos here on the hill, so a hip hop edition of the Video Hits seemed like the opposite of milk on a sweltering San Diego day. If you've been here before, it should be no surprise that the Grand Wizard Ghettosocks is our MC of choice as far as Halifax hip hop goes. Socks has a fresh new video for Out For Treats, which was one of my favorite tracks on the album, thanks to nonsensically delicious lyrics like ""me & my peeps got hot eats in the grotto, fresh meat in the taco, extra cheese on the nacho". The video is a perfect compliment to the track, with Socks & crew chowing down on plenty of treats, and Haltown legend Jorun manning the decks in a chef outfit, which is enjoyable.

Toronto's Muneshine is currently working Ghettosocks on a collaborative side project called Twin Peaks, and I'm certainly looking forward to hearing some of it. For now, I'm content with Muneshine's latest effort, the video for Gotta Feeling which is featured on Urbnet's recently released hip hop compilation. It's a solid song that features D-Sisive and Shad, and the video continues Urbnet's tradition of some really well done videos. To finish, we've got Glad from Moka Only alias Ron Contour, a song from Mr. Contour's latest album with Prairie producer Factor which is delightfully entitled Saffron. This is actually a great album that I plan to write more about, but for now, you can enjoy Moka only and his very realistic fake mustache as he hangs with Sasquatch. Pretty average day for Moka no doubt. Enjoy.

Ghettosocks - Out For Treats

MP3:: Ghettosocks - Don't Turn Around f. Edgar Allen Floe
MYSPACE:: www.myspace.com/ghettosocks

Muneshine - Gotta Feeling f. D-Sisive & Shad

MP3:: Muneshine - Gotta Feeling f. D-Sisive & Shad
MYSPACE:: www.myspace.com/muneshine

Ron Contour - Glad

MP3:: Ron Contour & Factor - Glad
MYSPACE:: www.myspace.com/mokaonly
MYSPACE:: www.myspace.com/factorg

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Contest:: Holy Fuck, it's New Year's Eve

Chances are if you are as old as the writers of herohill, the idea of spending your New Year's Eve at the Palace (new or old) is about as inviting as spending your NYE in a line at the DMV. Luckily, thanks to Holy Fuck, the New Palace might just be the spot to be when the ball drops on 2010. The sonic collage and energy the Polaris nominated band brings will be matched by the joy filled performance we've come to expect from Rich Aucoin - since the man gives 110% on a normal night, I'm thinking on NYE he might actually find Al Capone's vault - and it's hard to imagine even the most sadsack-en-it cool kid not enjoying themselves. Here are the details of the show
Dec 31st @ 10PM. Holy Fuck, Rich Aucoin and DJ Loukas Stilldrunk. Open till 3:30AM. $40adv, $50 door.

In case 50 duckets is too much for you, your pals at herohill are here to help. We have two tickets to the show and all you have to do is send us an email with the subject - "Holy Fuck, It's New Year's Eve" - or leave your details in the comments section below. We will pick a winner late tomorrow night.

Good luck.

Oh, and just because it's awesome, I'm also sharing the remix of the Said the Whale track, Gentleman. The remix uses some of Lovely Allen, some classic Who and Shad raps on it and drops New Edition, Ralph Tresvant, BBD and bumpin' Poison (which I'm sure both members of herohill did the electric slide or running man to, and I also did for a lip sync in Grade 10 - wait, did I share too much?).

MP3:: Holy Fuck - Lovely Allen

MP3:: Gentleman - Said the Whale & Shad (Remix ft. Holy Fuck, MGMT, The Who)

MYSPACE:: http://www.myspace.com/holyfuck

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Video Hits:: Shad, Buck 65, D-Sisive

I've gone the All-Canadian route on BOX!, our semi-regular rap single round-up, quite a few times actually, but I'm not sure I've ever done it for our video segment. Well, no time like the present I say, and that's all the more true when you consider I just so happen to have accumulated some videos from the creme de la creme of Canadian hip hop (milestone: first time I've used creme de la creme in a post I do believe). Shad, Buck 65, and D-Sisive, does it get any better when you're talking Canadian hip hop? Well perhaps Devon, HDV and Local Dre would be better, but I don't have any of those videos, so we'll go with the previous 3.

Considering I'm a huge fan of his, I always look forward to anything new from Shad (speaking of which, anyone know the status of a new Shad album? Hopefully one is well in the works), and so I was excited to post his latest video for Compromise. It's really kind of a stylized affair, with Shad and his lovely partner playing the role of sophisticated secret agents on the hunt for crooked white collar crooks. So it's a cool video, but one problem, I've just noticed that it's not embeddable, soooo, I'll just link to that one, and post the video for Brother (Watching), which I don't think I've posted before and also happens to be one of my favorite Canadian hip hop songs ever. So it's not a bad stand-in.

Shad - Brother (Watching)

MP3:: Shad - Brother (Watching)
MYSPACE:: www.myspace.com/shad

Buck 65's Situation has been out since '07, but animator Benjamin Logsdon has created a new video for Buck's James Dean-esque track, The Rebel, and it's pretty awesome. Is the video related to the subject matter? Not exactly, but it's just damn well done, so check it below and enjoy.

Buck 65 - The Rebel

MP3:: Buck 65 - The Ready
MYSPACE:: www.myspace.com/buck65

I've been pretty effusive in regards to D-Sisive and his output over the last year or so I'm not going to say much more here - except to say that I think Let the Children Die could have easily replaced the hip hop album that made the Polaris short list. Anyway, D has since released two new videos for the album, and they are certainly both worth a posting, so enjoy.

D-Sisive - Wonderful World

D-Sisive - Mr. Daydream

MP3:: D-Sisive - Veronica Vaughn (One Piece of Ash)

MP3:: D-Sisive - Like This f. Guilty Simpson
MYSPACE:: www.myspace.com/dsisive

** Bonus Time **
I just realized these three dudes are all on Classified's Loonie, along with DL Incognito, so I figured even though I've posted this vid before, he deserved some run.

DL Incognito - Air Play

MP3:: DL Incognito - Air Play
MYSPACE:: www.myspace.com/dlincognito

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