Friday, February 19, 2010

Countdown:: Thrush Hermit Reunion

Not sure if you've heard, but the almighty Hermit is making it's return. That's right, it's 2010, and Thrush Hermit is back. Ian, Joel, Rob & Cliff - together again FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY! Nine nights actually, but that sounded more awesome. And while we're on the topic of awesome, I have to think these shows are going to be exactly that. If you've been into Canadian indie rock at any point over the last 20 odd years, there's a good chance you agree.

So then, with the first of these shows set for roughly a month from today, some Thrush Hermit content here at the hill seems only appropriate. Because, as you know (or should know, with the amount of times we've mentioned it, we're shameless!), the Ack and I went to High School with Ian, Joel & Rob here in Halifax. How about some Herohill & The Hermit Fun Facts!

1. We know John Boomer. Yes, the John Boomer, inspiration for the band's 1993 self-released cassette EP. In fact the worst Super Bowl watching experience of my life occured at John Boomer's house, when his Mother threw a dish towel at his step-father in jest, and it landed on the face of said step-fathers' friend with a thwacking sound. Awkward times ensued after that incident. Boomer, as he was not-quite-affectionately known, has also been referenced on the hill before in relation to the "Boomer Two-Flow". And now you know.

2. Let's get even more obscure. We also went to High School with Tim Robbins, the namesake of occasional TH pseudonym, The Tim Robbins Experience. My Junior High basketball team once played against Tim's - the score at half was 31-1 in favour of my squad. This is no real reflection of what Tim Robbins is like as a person really, he and his friends just sucked at basketball.

Wasn't that fun? I thought so. If you live in any of the following four cities, I think it's time to start getting excited:

March 18, Moncton, NB @ The Manhattan
March 19, Halifax, NS @ Paragon Theatre
March 20, Halifax, NS @ Paragon Theatre
March 23, Waterloo, ON @ Starlight Social Club
March 24, Peterborough, ON @ Historic Red Dog
March 25, Ottawa, ON @ New Capital Music Hall
March 26, Toronto, ON @ Lee's Palace
March 27, Toronto, ON @ Lee's Palace
March 28, Toronto, ON @ Lee's Palace (all ages)

And even if you can't make it to any of those shows, Joel's New Scotland Records is putting out an epic 7(!) disc box set of Thrush Hermit's complete recordings. That sounds pretty amazing, so keep your eyes peeled to New Scotland to find out how to get your hands on one. Now, for some songs. Quartermark, from the afore-mentioned John Boomer, and, because it's fantastic and I listened to this album a couple times this AM, From the Back of The Film, from Clayton Park. Enjoy.

MP3:: Thrush Hermit - Quartermark

MP3:: Thrush Hermit - From the Back of the Film

VIDEO:: Thrush Hermit- From the Back of the Film

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