Thursday, December 17, 2009

Quick Hitters:: Peter Project - Fresh EP

Tough as it is these days to sell your musical wares, we've all seen artists coming up with creative ways to do just that. That said, I'm not sure I've heard of anything as creative, or as committed to the album's concept, as the new EP from Toronto's Peter Project, who is selling his new EP in the form of an iPod-shaped bar of soap that has a download card for the songs inside. Rather clever, or perhaps Peter just has some really stinky fans and is trying to remedy that. Who's to say.

Either way, I enjoy this brief slice of eclectic goodness from TO's favorite "indie-geek-rap DJ phenomenon". I'd heard a couple Peter Project songs before, but basically knew nothing about him, so this EP serves as a nice little intro to what he's all about. After hearing it, I'd have to say it's almost more his production skills that are on display here, rather than his DJ-ing (although competent scratching with a broken arm is no small feat), as he shows himself to be a versatile beatmaker who isn't afraid to pull in a bunch of different elements but still keep a hip hop core. His DJ skills are on point though, and of course this helps with keeping that hip hop core.

EP opener Simply Fresh is a fun, 8-bit filled intro to the EP's concept that features various clips of people discussing their thoughts on personal hygene. This is likely now my second favorite hygene-related hip hop EP, second only to Birdapres' Toothpaste. Perhaps the EP's best track, Unorthodox features one of Canada's more unappreciated MC's, More Or Les, flowing over PP's rather orchestral sounding beat, and it has a funky breakdown at the end that sounds like it might have been played live on a drum machine, or that old keyboard at your parents house, or something. The Quest For Extreme Personal Freshness is perhaps the craziest track on the album, a hyper track that flips some freaky synth's and Laura Barrett's kalimba playing into a crazy dancefloor pleaser. The indie rap posse cut In Retail is an ode to the unpleasantness that is working in the retail bizz and features some nice vocal contributions from Masia One, Maylee Todd, and Haltown's favorite burglar of words, Wordburglar.

So there you go, if you've been getting your Shabba Rank on lately, and are also in need of a Canadian hip hop fix, Peter Project is your man, his Fresh EP is your plan. The EP is available from the Fuzzy Logic store, but I'm not sure if that's the bar of soap version or not.

MP3:: Peter Project - Unorthadox f. More or Les

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