Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Morning Coffee:: The Wind Up Radio Sessions

It's not often you can find a band that successfully integrates multiple songwriters on a record, let alone a teaser EP. Once you start moving in different directions, it's hard to keep the listener engaged. For UK/Canadian based The Wind Up Radio Sessions however, distance and diversity seems to be what pushes them creatively. The trio shares song writing duties and even though all three enjoy the airy side of folk, these songs show the subtle differences and influences of each member and a hint of what their live show offers.

Me and My Doe (penned by Dan Kiely) is a piano & acoustic love song that floats by with a casual nonchalance, as if the Incredible Moses Leroy opted for a jazzy organic theme instead of guitars and electronics. It's also the most immediate track on the EP. The blissful feeling of summers love permeate this effort . His brother Marc settles into a more traditional radio friendly groove on Me and My Friend, letting the acoustic strums and background effects do most of the work.

Lazy Bee
drifts into the minor tones to add a bit of depth and darkness to the effort, but unfortunately is is also the least effective number on the EP. And in case you weren't feeling disjointed by the subtle differences, the trio drops a full on anomaly with the uptempo Nairobi. Apparently the band included this song to give you an idea of how it feels to be at one of their shows, and while the spike in energy is nice, I think the band is much more enjoyable when they allow the listener to relax and slink into their relaxed cool.

Overall, the band shows that a laid back vibe isn't reserved for acoustic surfers. They are happy to talk about love over casual strums. I'll be interested to hear the full record because, quite honestly, often too many chefs spoil the broth. Will three different styles of songs, plus the occasional spike from a "live" show work over 10-12 songs? Who knows, but these four songs make me want to find out.

MP3:: The Wind Up Radio Sessions - Let Me Go


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