Great Canadian Mixtape Project

Canada!Started as a way to push Naedoo to review bands from provinces OTHER than Nova Scotia, the mixtape project had humble beginnings. After realizing the idea had legs, we decided to go province by province collecting songs from the bands we like. Sure, we give you a snappy title and some custom cover art, but the meat of the project is 20-free songs from 20 bands, some previously unreleased.

The project has gained momentum and has been featured on blogs all over the world. We’ve also been interviewed by a New Brunswick papers and the last version - Saskatchewan - even landed us on CBC3 and CBC Saskatechwan talking about music, moustaches and Ray Elgaard. There’s no better way to get a broad stroke of the diverse music scenes across our great country, so please enjoy.

Here are the mixtapes completed to date:

The Big Doe-nair Rehab (N.S.)

Give Us Our Nickel Back (Ont.)

Ultra-Magnetic…hill (N.B.)

Hoodoo You Think You Are? (AB.)

GOULET! (Que.)

Stay Gold Manitoba, Stay Gold (Man.)

Elgaard Your Grill (Sask.)

If you have any recommendations for upcoming mixes, or would like to volunteer a song, send us an email.

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