The Belle Comedians - The Weight You Hold

The Belle Comedians – The Weight You Hold

In Halifax and making plans for this evening? Why not hit Michael’s Bar & Grill to check out The Belle Comedians with Rain Over St. Ambrose and Dance Movie? I enjoyed their last EP, and we’ve talked in glowing terms about both ROSA and Dance Movie, so it seems like it would be a great [...]

Bravestation - Signs of the Civilized

Bravestation – Signs of the Civilized

Since posting on their debut EP a couple years ago, I’ve been keeping an eager ear to the ground for any new music from this Toronto outfit. Their latest release is a new single, “Signs of the Civilized”, which is intended to bridge the gap until their new album is (hopefully) released later this year. While still recalling dark pop tunes from the 80′s like their previous work, this one has a more dreamy quality, but the vocals still reach out and grab you by the collar.

MP3:: Bravestation - Signs Of The Civilized

Favorites-of ’12:: Eric Chenaux Guitar & Voice

Favorites-of ’12:: Eric Chenaux Guitar & Voice

There aren’t enough words in my vocabulary to define my affection for the new Eric Chenaux record, Guitar & Voice. It’s not a passionate love that will burn out suddenly and be forgotten, it’s a scar or birthmark I’ll carry forever. The back story is not shared casually over drinks, displayed on a wall or [...]

No Family:: Songbird

No Family:: Songbird

It’s surreal to feel lost in a place you call home. The buildings, the people, the left turns; they’ve not changed but somehow everything feels foreign. In just under two-minutes, Amy Goldberg dissects the issue perfectly. A burning desire to leave, trumped only by a longing to return, only to find expectations and hope you [...]

Jay Mayne - That Man Goes

Here’s another video I enjoy, and one that’s perfect for low-key, late night viewing. It features Halifax (I know, Dartmouth) MC escaping to the abandoned textile factory near Windsor NS to indulge in the things he loves most: skating & chopping trees (that’s smoking the hydro, for those of you, like me, whose weed-related slang [...]

Miracle Fortress - Raw Spectacle

Goodness. Do I know exactly what is going on in this new video for “Raw Spectacle” from Miracle Fortress’ rather amazing Was I The Wave? No, no I do not, but I surmise that Graham Van Pelt, credited awesomely as “Fire Hands”, is on the run from some local thugs, likely due to his, uhhh, [...]

Favorites-of ’12:: Cannon Bros. Firecracker/Cloudglow

I’m often tempted to think my generation missed out on adventure. My parents, two of the most sedimentary souls anyone will ever met, spent their honeymoon driving from Halifax to Vancouver, down the coast to California - amazingly enough, they got stopped by cops only one block from where Bobby Kennedy was killed to ensure [...]

Bleating Hearts:: Bleating Hearts

Bleating Hearts:: Bleating Hearts

There are a few easy ways to get me to pay attention to your band, including: Feature Rose Melberg on vocals Throw in heavy doses of the singing saw Casually drop an Apollo Ghosts connection in your intro email To be fair, Vancouver’s Bleating Heart isn’t defined by any of the items on said list, [...]

Two Kings In A Cipher - Movin’ On ‘Em

Two Kings In A Cipher – Movin’ On ‘Em

Watching the dunk & errant oopfest that is the NBA All-Star game last night go tme thinking about posting a basketball-related jam for this week’s Old School Monday jam. Well the first one I thought of might confuse most folks, as the song itself isn’t hoops-related at all, but the video for Two Kings In [...]

Favorites-of ’12:: OUTTACONTROLLER Don’t Play Dumb

Favorites-of ’12:: OUTTACONTROLLER Don’t Play Dumb

Maybe it’s time to set the record straight. The “East Coast” sound that music reviewers use as a crutch, whether it’s some sort of post-Sloan/Thrush Hermit indie rock or folksy fiddle laced jam, is as outdated as quoting Chaz Sheen when it comes to the sound dominating Canada’s Ocean Playground. The best bands are lurking [...]