Thanks for the Memories F.P

Following up on what Mike had written about the Expos, I feel I need to have my say. I have been a die hard Expos fan all my life. I even watched games this year when they were 40 games under .500. But, I will forever have many Expos memories and hope that the Washington [...]

Thanks For The Memories Pascual

It appears that Major League Baseball is finally ready to announce a new home for the Montreal Expos. Since Bud Selig never did get back to me about my proposed plan to move the franchise to Fairview, I’ll assume that we won’t be seeing the Expos play at W.D. Piercey Field. Hey, moving the team [...]

Any given Sunday is given me headaches

Originally, football sunday was filled with up and downs, watching to see if the Steelers could overpower the suckness that is no defense and a former XFL MVP/insurance salesman at the helm. Then you throw Proline into the mix. The stupidest system ever, that for some reason I decided I could be good at. My [...]

Big Mac: For a Limited Time Only

Herohill was saddened to see Winnipeg native Todd MacCulloch retire from the NBA. It wasn’t exactly a surprise, Todd missed all of last year with his foot ailment and there was talk then that they might not be able to cure it. He has a foot disorder that may or may not be something called [...]

Every Little Show I Make

It seems the good people at Bravo are loyal readers of herohill. They must have read my post imploring the high powered TV executives amongst our readership to get Bobby Brown’s reality show on the air. It seems they’ve ordered 10 episodes of Bobby’s new show. He’ll take his place amongst the must-see lineup of [...]

I’m sorry, could you repeat that?

The music business is a stressful industry. There can be no denying that. Whether it be Yanni trying to book the Acropolis, Nickleback trying to record the same song five times without anyone noticing, or having to spend your last days with Eddie Vedder and Rob Zombie at your bedside (RIP Mr. Ramone), the stress [...]

Vin Weasel

In a totally unexpected development, Vince Carter has demanded to be traded from the Raptors. We’ll have to sarcastically file that under “Wow, didn’t see that one coming”. Everyone has been talking about this for the entire summer, the Raptors worst kept secret you might say. But Vince kept us on a need to know [...]

You can’t go home again….

Flashback to the early 90′s. Being an Atlanta Falcon was roughly the equivalent of being on American Idol. Hundreds of thousands of people thought you were cool for no real reason. Look at Deion Sanders. At the time he was my favorite player. Everytime he touched the ball, something exciting happened. He spawned some of [...]

Canada: 2004 World Cup (of hockey) Champion

Finally, the World Cup Of Hockey has come back to Canada. Take that Finland, and the, uh, six other hockey playing nations of the world! We are the best, deal with it. I’m sure most of the world doesn’t care about Canada’s 3-2 win over Finland in last night’s final, but it’s big news here. [...]

It’s Toronto Film Fest time, grab your spray on hair

The Toronto International Film Festival kicked off last weekend and is in full swing right now. The area around Bloor street in downtown Toronto is buzzing with activity and there are all kinds of big name celebs in town for it. By all accounts, this is a pretty big-time event. There are around 300 movies [...]