No, I am most certainly not Gellin’

It’s a real shame Dr. Scholl has been dead for ages, because he’s certainly due a cock punching for the annoying “Are you gellin’?” ads his namesake company continues to torture us with. I mistakenly assumed that the first ad was perhaps someone’s inside joke. Someone at an ad agency convinced the old Dr. Scholl [...]

You aren’t going to go out looking like that?

Do you remember Wimbledon so many years ago? The thought of Agassi rolling in with his denim shorts, Bolton-esque coif and neon shirts was enough to make tennis purists drop there monocles in shock. When Evonne Goolagong wore her pure white spandex outfit, they almost stopped serving strawberries and cream. Fast forward to this year’s [...]

My Friend K-OS

Toronto’s own K-OS released his new album, Joyful Rebellion, last week, and I encourage anyone who like the hip hop and or rock and roll music to go buy it. I’m doing a review on the album, so I’ll go into more detail about it there, but it’s an excellent album. Having said that, I [...]

Anaconda3: the reckoning

I was reading a crazy story about a german catfish that ate a pet dog. After saying WTF, and taking a second to process that information, I started to think about the maybe this was the plot basis for Anaconda 2. Yes, they made Anaconda 2. Do you remember Anaconda (the original). That movie that [...]

New Threat Level: Code Yankee

At shortly after noon on Sunday, two small explosions from a downtown transformer left a large section of downtown Toronto in the dark. The mini blackout delayed the start of the Jays-Yankees game by an hour and also darkened The Canadian Comic Book expo that was taking place in the Convention Centre. But the Jays [...]

I See A Bad Moon Rison….

This week, I was alerted to the fact that Andre “Bad Moon” Rison, has agreed to practice with the Argos, and see if he still has it. Let’s overlook the fact he is 37, and hasn’t played football for 3 years. This is Bad Moon. I may be biased, as he is my favorite player [...]

Dave Matthews Full of Sh*t

I’ve always said the Dave Matthews Band was sh*tty, but finally there’s some proof. Dave Matthews tour bus dropped 800 pounds of “liquid human waste” from their tour bus through the grating in the Kinize Street bridge and into the Chicago river. 800 pounds, that seems like a crapload (pun intended) of human waste, not [...]

Canadian Olympic Update (Perdita fell, let’s move on)

As Canada continues its determined pursuit of mediocrity at the Athens Olympics, one story has emerged to symbolize the underwhelming performance of our Canadian squad. I speak of course of Kyle Shewfelt’s shocking denial of a bronze in the gymnastics vault thing. ha HA, just kidding there, no one’s going to be talking about men’s [...]

Hamm and cheese

The Olympics are, and should always be, a competition in the spirit of fair play. The effort you give is more important than the actual results, much like the Canada’s Fitness test we used to have to do ever year. We used to compete in a decathlon of stupid events such as pushups, flexed arm [...]

Forget Mase, Welcome Back Mario

I know he’s already put up his first post, but I thought I ‘d take a second to formally welcome Mario, aka Mr. E, back to the hill. Due to popular demand Mario is back on the scene as a contributor to Longtime readers might recognize Mario from such sections as Greek Of The [...]