The Good and The Bad of Athens 2004

Hey Herohill fans, I am back. After a contract dispute, all things are settled and I’m back with Herohill. For the next 2 weeks I will be reporting on the Summer Olympic Games of Athens. As the games have now come back to their roots, here are my thoughts on the “BAD” and the “GOOD” [...]

Drink em up, yum

There are stories you here that are just funny. They don’t change the world, and don’t affect your daily life, but you just laugh. This morning I read that a large hairy creature broke into a cmapground, guzzled 36 beers and passed out. At first I thought it was Corey Crewe, but I was wrong. [...]

Canada Makes a Splash at Athens 2004

I think it says a lot about Canada’s performance at the 2004 Summer Olympics that we’ve reached the midway point of the games and the biggest news made by a Canadian is this idiot from Montreal who jumped into the pool during synchronized diving. This goof dons a tutu, puts a casino logo on his [...]

Miller Genuine Daft

Miller Beer is teaming with Rolling Stone magazine to produce a series of beer cans to celebrate the 50th anniversary of rock and roll. Miller consulted with Rolling Stone to select cover images to use on their cans. I know, it sounds classy and you can’t wait to get your hands on some. But there’s [...]

This is my dream team

Was anyone else as happy to see the US squad lose as I was? I have felt the idea of the “Dream Team” was out of date ever since they put the II beside the name. Like most sequels, Dream Team II was just away to take money away from fans. At least Dream Team [...]

He Was Rick James B***h!

I’m a little late on this one, but I couldn’t let a modern music legend’s passing go by without having my say. Rick James may be gone, but the funk lives on. He may well be best known for Superfreak, but whenever I think of Rick James, I think of Mary Jane. I’d heard it [...]

Garden State good, using the new slang bad

Went to see Garden State on Sunday afternoon, and all in all a great film. It was much funnier than I expected and Nat Portman delivered a great performance. But in all honesty, reading a review for a film before you see it is basically like reading the cliff notes of a book first. Kind [...]

Rick James - Rest in Peace Super Freak

This deserves much more then a two line post, but we here at Herohill are saddened by the loss of the super freak. He was more than a coked out nutter, he was the epitomy of funk. He kicked out the jams, and even made Old Navy commercials funky. His freak out in the video [...]

Seriously…Is the whole world on crazy pills????

When I first heard the word, I got excited. He was my favorite wrestler back in the day. Sunny Bhalla used to dress up like him and wrestle Mike Sheehan. If wearing a red bracelet was all it took, then hell yeah, everyone should be praising Kamala. Then I found out it wasn’t in fact, [...]

C-Murder tries to murder someone, who saw that coming?

Apparently Master P’s brother, the rapper known as C-Murder, attempted to kill a club owner who refused to allow him to enter without being searched. After being refused entry C-Murder started to walk away before pulling out a gun and trying to kill the club owner and a bouncer only to have the gun jam. [...]