Seacrest Out…Of A Job

I know this new is a little old by now, but I’ve been meaning to use that headline for a week now. I’m sure 467 people have used it before me but I don’t really care. I hate the Seacrest and I had to get it in. For those that don’t know, it seems smarmy [...]

Steezo’s 15 minutes of fame not up yet!

Tonight I went down to the SkyDome to see Glasgow Celtic play AS Roma as part of the Champions World Series tour of North America by some of europe’s top football clubs. It was really quite enjoyable to see professional soccer over here (played on real grass no less) and for once the SkyDome seemed [...]

Is Skateboarding Still A Crime?

Walking home today I saw a cop giving some skate kid a ticket in the parking lot of a high school. I also saw two police cars zoom up the street towards the school, presumably to deal with the skaters friends who were across the street on their BMXs. Is skateboarding illegal, are people still [...]

Hey Lance… get out of the way

Seriously.  This is a plea to every biker in Toronto:  please relax.  We are all in a hurry, so I don’t think it is necessary for you to run us over at every corner.  I don’t think it is necessary for you to drive down Spadina (through the markets that are more tightly packed than [...]

Revenge Of The Stith Correction

I’ve since been informed that the newest Star Wars film is actually called “Revenge of the Sith” and it has nothing to do with Bryant Stith. Apparently these Sith didn’t play ball for Virginia but are some kind of anti-jedi space nerd army. I’m sure I got a lot of people’s hopes up with that [...]

Finally Bryant Stith Will Have his Revenge

After years of watching the public ignore his basketball genius and having his retirement virtually ignored, it seems former Nuggets and University of Virginia legend Bryant Stith will have his revenge. Yesterday George Lucas announced the name of the “final” installment of his Star Wars Money machine. To the delight of basketball loving nerds everywhere, [...]

Goodbye Mr. Planters

First off, let me just say this - “Ricky Williams is a full on nutter”.  Not for retiring from football, but for things like: saying the cops were racist for telling him it wasn’t a good idea to leave his pimped out rides in his open garage with the keys still in the car not [...]

Ja Rule Be Thuggin’ It Up In Toronto

It seems Ja Rule can’t escape the controversy. First he had beef with Eminem and 50 Cents and now with some unnamed dude in Toronto. Apparently Ja (Can I call you Ja?) got into a tussle in the VIP room of a club named La Rouge in Toronto this weekend. It seems he turned himself [...]

Who needs a yellow card, when you pack heat

Ok, I am not sure what is happening in the South African soccer games, but after another bad call, the coach of the opposing team came out to argue the call (amongst the tussling that ensued after the call).  Feeling threatened, the referee decided the best option was to shot the man dead, and flee [...]

Fahrenheit Fever

Ack and I have both seen the Fahrenheit 9/11 and I think we agree that it’s a pretty powerful film. Whether or not Dubya’s Daddy and his pals being in the Saudi’s back pockets had anything to do with 9/11, I couldn’t say. But you have to think there’s something sketchy going on there. Was [...]