Come on, we’re going streaking, grab your green hat!

Herohill truly feels it is time something is said.  We consulted Seinfeld, and this was his reply, “What’s the deal with streaking”?  Jerry, we agree.  We may not think it is a bad thing to drive a friend to the airport, or think Mulva is a good name, but on the streaking issue, we are [...]

CBS tells Eads to EADS

George Eads, one of the stars of the popular CBS show, CSI, decided he needed a raise and made it known he might stop showing up for work unless he got one.  CBS replied by telling Eads he should Eat A Dick Sandwich and firing him.  Perhaps Eads can follow David Caruso’s lead and crawl [...]

An Open Letter to the People of Holland

Hello.  Let me just say I truly enjoyed my vacation to your lovely country.  The scenery & history of the city, the Heiniken, the interesting cafes that are so different than the coffeshops I stop at on my way to work; these things were amazing.   This is not a rant from Austin Power’s fav-er.  [...]

An Open Letter to the Lady with Ripped Jeans

Hello lady with ripped jeans, it’s me Shane.  Perhaps you remember me, I walked behind you for a while yesterday near the Dominion when you were going through the walkway at the construction site.  The walkway through the site is pretty narrow so I wasn’t able to pass you.  Walking right behind you as I [...]

Guns don’t blow off testicles, drunken British idiots blow off testicles

I’ve decided this is the worst pub night ever. Some British quif blew off his nutsac with a sawed-off shotgun. Apparently it was just a regular night at a pub in jolly ole South Yorkshire when David Walker got in an argument with a friend of his after sucking back 15 pints. Now I’m guessing [...]

Get it on…

I am getting quite used to reading about the exploits of athletes. Drugs, sex, rape are as common to athletes as a lunchbreak is to people in my line of work. So I feel I must comment on the story I read today on Seriously, my man, LeShon Johnson, was a former NFL running [...]

Herohill On Hiatus

Yes, even the Hill has to take a break sometime. Both Ack and I are on a bit of vacation right now, so there hasn’t been much new content on the site. But be sure to tune back in for the week of July 12th when we’ll be back with a vengence.

When The East is in the Park, OHMYGOD…..DANGER!

Yikes, this is fairly scary. Some nutter drove to Toronto from New Brunswick with a carload of weapons and ammo to “drive around and kill people at random”. I’m assuming he had some kind of vendetta against Torontonians but the article doesn’t say what his beef was. It seems the only reason he didn’t carry [...]

Eating your Ballot? That’s a Paddling!

It’s a good thing Ralph Wiggum is a cartoon character, not to mention American, and therefore not eligible to vote in Canada. For the sake of our many American readers, I’ll start off my explanation of that wacky opening line by mentioning that we have a Federal Election (The biggest one we have up here!) [...]

Bry Hard 2: Bry Hard in a Mall

The next segment of shit I hate: 90) Pires, his soul patch and his flopping 89) Dudes who leave the top button unbuttoned and wear no undershirt. No one, and I mean no one, wants to see that 88) People who go into places like Subway or McDonalds and are blown away by the menu. [...]