Drive the Memory Lane…

Reading Shane’s post on the DOC made me flash back to the late 80′s and early 90′s (aka. the golden age of hip hop). With all the watered down, radio friendly beats getting passed off as street beats, thinking about the D into the O into the C, got me thinking about other albums I [...]

Greece Fire

Now there is a headline, I’ve been waiting to use that all day. Greece is taking Euro 2004 by storm and it looks like they’re going to qualify for the second round. That’s not bad for a nation that had not only never advanced at a major tournament, they hadn’t won a game up until [...]

Where’s the Love?

People have commented on the fact seems to spread no love to the people. Well, if you want a feel good site, you are in the wrong spot. We didn’t start this Web site to make friends, in fact we started it to hopefully lose a few. So for that reason, I am giving [...]

Very Few Did It Better

The other day I played The D.O.C.’s album No One Can Do It Better from start to finish for the first time in a long time. I’d forgotten what a great album this is. It’s basically only 11 songs and 2 skits, but each song is a classic. This is from the halcyon days of [...]

Zizou for Prime Minister

Prime Minister of Canada that is. I doubt he could beat Prime Minister Pete Nice (3rd Bass is gold friends) in an English election right now. It seems I’ve had nothing but sports posts for the last few days, but I had to mention the France-England game. That was one of the most amazing football [...]

It’s Peanut Butter Pluggy Time

As I’m sure many of our loyal readers know, our good friend Ack has been working on publishing his first novel, Cupid Only Misses Sometimes. Well the time has come, Ack has gone the DIY route and gotten it published. So I thought it would only be right to give him a plug for it [...]


I walked into the Horseshoe tavern last night, and was shocked. Shocked by the emptiness of the room. It was about 15 minutes before Maritime took the stage, and there were about 20 people in the bar. Maritime is the new supergroup formed by Davey and Dan from the Promise Ring, and Dismemberment Plan’s super [...]

Robot Man Sucks!

I was in Chicago this past weekend, and while there I got to check out a Cubs game from the centerfield bleachers at Wrigley field. The Cubs beat the Pirates 4-1 and it’s been quite some time since I’ve felt that kind of atmosphere at a baseball game. Seeing Wrigley also made me realize just [...]

"There are a lot of f*&king nerds here"

I looked around the venue last night, and saw some interesting sites. I saw a man wearing a denim shirt, tucked into his shorts, with black socks and sandals. No I wasn’t at the beach with my dad, I was at the Decemberists show at Lee’s palace. It was truly a night for artistic, unco-ordinatated [...]

With the First Pick in the Draft, Herohill selects…

The Raptors fired their GM Glen Grunwald on April 1st, and since that time they’ve done a first class job in fumbling the search for his replacement. As season ticket holders, Herohill is concerned that the Raptors are entering some dangerous territory right about now (well Ack the huge Celtics fan might not care at [...]