The Bell Tolls for Thee, Glen G. was started in the basketball capital of Canada, Halifax. Don’t ask me how Halifax got that title, but it’s pretty fitting, we love us some hoops out there. So it’s only natural that we put some basketball content on the site (be sure and check out the AllHeroHIll team in the left hand menu [...]

Waterboys, stop the water works…..

It is a disturbing new trend that every writer, blogger, high school loser has decided that they must spend their days attacking the jocks that made their teenage years horrible. It wasn’t their fault that you wanted to play basketball but couldn’t do a left-hand lay-up, anymore then it was your fault they couldn’t tell [...]

I can do what I wanna do (It’s Bobby’s prerogative)

In case you missed the news, Bobby Brown is out of jail…for now. He was in jail in Boston for one day after telling a judge he “didn’t have the money” to pay 60,000 in child support and being sentenced to 90 days. I guess he managed to get ahold of Whitney in the rehab [...]

Back on the Scene….

It is not a unique opinion to hate hipsters or scenesters, so I know I am not splitting the atom with these proceeding comments. I have just reached a point where I wonder how these people can take themselves seriously. Last night, I was at the Decemberists show at the Horseshoe. The opening act was [...]

And I’m Spent

Yes, after this weekends NCAA action, Ack has pulled ahead for good 170-167. It was a tough tournament to pick, at least for me. So congratulations Ack, you lucky bastard. But don’t call it a crushing, I’ve been weak at the pools for years.

Ack is back, all in, he’s gonna win

Turn it up… Bring the noise. That’s right y’all. By picking two of the final four teams, Ack has crushed the Mack and proven his basketball knowledge reigns supreme. The tournament isn’t over, but Shane’s dream of holding onto the title is.

Don’t believe the hype, it’s a sequel

As an equal can I get this through to you…. Sitting watching Ted Leo & the Pharmacists last night it became obvious. Quality indie bands are more rare than a fat man’s steak. Lookout artist Ted Leo consistently turns out great albums, and put his heart into shows with about 30 people watching him. I [...]

$2 Vietnamese Sandwiches and Peelers

As a service to you, our loyal and/or non-existent readership, I’ve decided to let you in on the best Sandwich bargain in Toronto. Just south of Bloor, right on Yonge, is a Vietnamese restaurant called Ginger. At this restaurant you can get huge Vietnamese Sandwiches for $2 and change. This is a hell of a [...]

Some of you need to shut the f*&k up, like Silent Bob

Friday night after work, I filtered into Roy Thompson Hall with every other person in Toronto that thought they were the biggest Kevin Smith fan. After watching the A Night with Kevin Smith DVD, I had a pretty good idea of what would go down. Sandwiched among the stupid questions about the Clerks cartoon, and [...]

Ack vs. Mack NCAA Bracket Challenge Update

I’m sure the world is dying to get an update on our 2 man NCAA pool. We aren’t playing for anything but pride, so that should make it even more interesting for everyone else. After the first weekend I hold a slight 150-149 lead over Ack. I have Kentucky to win and Ack has Stanford, [...]