but it looks so natural…

This is just a quick how-to-do for some cats holding onto the dream like stallone in that stupid cliff hanger movie. Stop holding onto your youth with such false hope. The dream is dead. For those who are confused, I am talking about the combover. WTF??? Do you really think people think you aren’t bald? [...]

What The Fu…

Welcome to a new semi-regular section I’m going to call WTF is Wrong With People?, because seriously, what the f@*k is wrong with people? Basically this is simply a forum for my petty rants about the some of the things I notice people doing on a day to day basis. You might agree with me, [...]

Grand Royalties

Once again we find more proof to back ATCQs’ industry rule number four thousand and eighty - record company people are shady. It seems record companies had been withholding some $50 million in unpaid royalties from artists they “couldn’t find”. While they were presumably scouring the globe looking for these artists, they were holding these [...]

And then there were three….

Ladies and gentleman, we have a new guest ranter. If herohill.com was in an armwrestle, we would now be turning our hats to the back, because we just went over the top. He likes to say what others think, but would never say. Installment 1 of Turner’s tirades: Lets talk terror…I read that the U.S. [...]

Know The Ledge

You ever get that feeling that a rapper/singer/band is teetering on the brink of discount bin oblivion? Well I get it every now and then, so I thought I’d share my latest premonition. I think The Neptunes/N*E*R*D are close to falling the f@#k off. I concede they might stick around as producers, but their whole [...]

Eyes wide shut

Sunday was truly a day of enlightenment. Not because the Dalai Lama addressed people about the benefits of eternal compassion and love, but because of how Torontonians acted at the event. First off, anytime you combine such a diverse cross-section of people, feathers will get ruffled. That is a fact of life, ask Tootie. However, [...]

Two New Reviews for You and You

We’ve got two new reviews for you: Modest Mouse’s Good News for People Who Love Bad News and Madvillain’s Madvillainy. A couple of pretty strong albums - well I liked the Madvillainy quite a bit, but Ack sticks to the merd script and is careful not too give up too much props. But check them [...]

One Last Leaf Shot and Our Favourite Emergency

It seems we’ve been talking an awful lot about the Leafs for a couple of guys who claim not to care about them. But it’s pretty hard not to talk about them here, EVERYONE in T.O. is talking about them right now. So here’s one last (well maybe not last…) Leaf observation: this morning while [...]

The Leafs have won the … 1st Round

What a great night. Had some dinner, had a rich, delicious Jockey Club beer, and was reading in bed. All of a sudden, I looked out to see what I thought was the St. Paddy’s day parade heading down Spadina. Then I remembered that St. Paddy’s day and the green beer had past. The Leafs [...]

Can The Leafs Win Game 7?!?!?

Who cares. Seriously, people in Toronto should talk about the Leafs more. Ack and I are definitely in the minority in this case: Two Canadian born and raised males living in Toronto that don’t care whether the Leafs win or lose. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a Canadian, I like hockey. But a lot [...]