Sanctums is a two man operation out of Calgary comprised of Dan Solo and Evangelos Typist. They describe themselves as a “ambient/downtempo project” and they recently released a self-titled album that is ” inspired by our common love for classical music, film soundtracks, hip hop, & various other elements of beat culture”. I’m not sure [...]

Kids & Explosions - Use Your Words

Kids & Explosions – Use Your Words

Clearly, if our traffic stats are any indication, we are not experts in deciphering what it is the kids like. But I’m fairly certain they enjoy ‘splosions and I know they enjoy a good mashup every now and again. All of that seems to indicate that the kids might fancy a listen to Shit Computer, the new release from TO’s Kids & Explosions (aka Josh Raskin). It’s available as a pay-what-you-can d/l, and it features all kinds of jammy-jams that you know and love. This one features bits from the Big Baby Jesus and L-Boogie, so I enjoy it. You might too.

MP3:: Kids & Explosions - Use Your Words

Ria Mae - Under Your Skin

Perusing the ECMA results from this past weekend led to an to-too-familiar set of thoughts after reading that Halifax’s Ria Mae won Pop Recording of the year. These thoughts are something like “Uhhh, have we covered Ria Mae on the hill before? Surely we have. I think we have. We’ve meant to, so me must [...]

Shop Local:: Soho Ghetto

Shop Local:: Soho Ghetto

It’s almost too easy to overlook local bands with bigger expectations and accessible sounds. When you consider the lo-fi noise and punk scenes are booming and we’ve had the Celtic folk/bar room poet market cornered for years, it’s easy to see a ton of shows without ever hearing a note of music that seems destined [...]

Reviews:: Bahamas Barchords

Afie Jurvanen is a master of playing crucial notes in limited space. He’s spent years supporting bigger names and (more often than not) lesser talents, filling in space and creating mood when asked. There’s an old Jets to Brazil lyric where Blake - a power chord chugger - thanks his guitarist for making his three [...]

Wordburglar - Rhyme O’ Clock f. More Or Les

Here’s your new favorite hip hop video, you’re welcome and that was easy. Well perhaps it’s not quite that easy, but take two of the funniest, lyrically nimble and most charismatic MC’s you could find, put them in a visually-pleasing, hijinks-filled video, and I’mma bring back the Parker Lewis reference for you, because you cannot [...]

Reviews:: Ketamines Spaced Out

Considering the album title and cover art, you might think Spaced Out is a paisley colored journey into the unexplored regions of your brain. In reality, the twenty-five minutes Ketamines offer up are more about fun than experimental fungus. It’s easy to hear songs like “Midnight Dawn”, fall in love with the druggy reverb, barely [...]

Wintersleep - Resuscitate

Wintersleep – Resuscitate

I’m not sure there’s a Halifax band that has toured far-er or wide-er in the last 4 or 5 years than Wintersleep. Since 2007′s “Welcome To The Night Sky” led them to some rather impressive acclaim (Juno Award, Letterman appearance, Sir Paul opening slot), it seemed like every other week we were getting a tour [...]