The Strumbellas - The Sheriff

Patience. More than any of the descriptors saddled upon The Strumbellas, a Toronto based septet, patience will be the most overlooked. The band turned heads with an engaging video performance of “Underneath a Mountain” on Southern Souls and fine tuned their songs with several Cameron House residencies. They could have easily rushed into a studio [...]

Modulok - Just Not Cool Anymore

I’m planning to post a review of Modulok’s You Look So Tragic next week, but it’s awesome, so you should go and listen to it right now. You can also get a taste of what longtime hill-fave Modulok has to offer this time out by watching the delightfully malevolent video for Just Not Cool Anymore, [...]

The Antiheroes - This Is FreeDUMB

I honestly have no idea where I came across this album from T.O. duo The Antiheroes (although a quick search suggests it was likely via the hard working folks at The Come Up Show). Anyhoo, since I loaded it onto my phone a couple weeks ago, there’s been multiple instances of the shuffle firing up [...]

Reviews:: Yukon Blonde Tiger Talk

During this year’s Super Bowl I ate a donair eggroll (I KNOW, RIGHT!?). Initially, the sweet sauce and unexpected taste of spiced meat confused my palette and I’m sure the hosts saw the disappointment all over my face. I mean, it’s an egg roll chief, why fuck it up? The thing is, once I processed [...]

Matthew J Thomson - What A Long Night

Matthew J Thomson – What A Long Night

In theory, it’s not surprising to stumble upon a folkie from Newfoundland. That stereotype runs as deep as the alleged ’90s era Sloan aquifer that nourishes every band in the Halifax scene, but Matthew J Thomson challenges the limitation of that descriptor. Open Fields songwriter Matthew J Thomson is now solo artist, but his songs [...]

PS I Love You - Sentimental Dishes

Been meaning to post this new song from heralded Kingston, Ontario duo PS I Love You for a few days now. Paul Saulnier and Benjamin Nelson sound better than ever on “Sentimental Dishes”, with Saulnier’s trademark howl giving way to a great instrumental jam-out for the last minute or so of the song. Not really [...]

Deeper into Music:: Agnostic Phibes Rhythm & Blood Conspiracy Campfire Tales

This record is special. A collaboration between members of the Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir and legendary, underground swamp blues/garage man Jackson Phibes (Tom Bagley). These songs pay tribute to the chilling tales that have been shared for generations, but they go past “the killer was in the backseat” and “the call was coming from inside [...]

Jusfrais - Beat That f. Heartz & Markings

Fact: Tuesday nights are boring. So go ahead and spice yours up with the delightfully raunchy wobble of Toronto (via Halifax) MC/Producer Jufrais’ Beat That (which also features Heartz & Markings). If you like what you hear, grab Jusfrais’ album Lullabies & Other Bedtime Stories, which dropped earlier this year.

MP3:: Jusfrais - Beat That f. Heartz & Markings

New songs from Cam Penner

Cam Penner is an unknown talent, which is equally as shocking as it is disappointing considering the music blog world’s affinity for raising substandard acts to the rafters with championship like acclaim. It makes sense I guess, simply because the soft spoken Penner isn’t a flash in the pan or a Sportscentre highlight. He’s a [...]

Erin Passmore - Downtown

Erin Passmore – Downtown

Erin Passmore is better known for her work with Regina outfit Rah Rah, for whom she’s been known to contribute drums, keys, bass and vocals, but she’s recently released her first solo record: the Downtown EP. The Saskatchewanian ventured east to Montreal last summer, to make this 8 song EP with the assistance of many Montreal musicians, and if the rather rockin’ title track is any indication, it’s worth a listen.

MP3:: Erin Passmore - Downtown