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Reviews:: Matthew Barber Songs for the Haunted Hillbilly

It’s not easy to transition from standard songwriting to songs for written for the stage, but if anyone not named Wainright is equipped to handle the challenge, it would be Matthew Barber. A seasoned professional, Barber fine tunes his craft each and every time he hits record, considering his complete body of work instead of(…)

News:: Halifax Pop Explosion 2011 Initial Lineup Announced

Party People…Party People….can ya’ll get funky?!?! (said in Afrika Bambaataa Planet Rock electro voice, natch) The summer is rapidly flying by is a blaze of, well, rain and fog for yer pals out here in Halifax, so that’s kind of a bummer. BUT, the end of summer also has a silver lining, football season!!!! Sorry,(…)