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Contest:: Win 2tix to see Hayden @ The Marquee

Talk about a trip down memory lane. I have such fond memories of seeing Hayden play shows in Halifax that this tour announcement melted my frozen heart instantly. Being a longtime fan, I would happily listen to one of Canada’s greatest song writers play hits from the past, but Mr. Desser’s latest record, Us Alone,(…)

Favorites-of ’13:: Hayden Us Alone

“And some kids who heard, saw me in them, at a time when music was everything.” On the autobiographical “Almost Everything”, Hayden Desser sings of kids putting themselves into his mopey, heartfelt songs. Hayden sung what he knew, whether it was confusion or a love burning as bright and fast as a shooting star. The(…)

Quick Hitters:: Hayden Old Dreams

Musicians, like a heavyweight fighters or an NFL running backs, are seldom extended the freedom to age with dignity. Timely output, hype and constant reinvention are the currency music fans collect, preferring to raise unheralded and unpolished upstarts on shoulders while true talent remains grounded. Hayden Desser is a true professional, and unfortunately for his(…)

Reviews:: Hayden The Place Where We Lived

It’s no secret that the music industry has changed significantly in the last ten years. There are so many contributing factors – piracy, blogs and myspace being the biggest instruments of change – but the end result is simple. Music lacks icons. No longer do talented musicians tower above us, living the lives we only(…)

Reviews:: Hayden In Field & Town

Hayden is like one of those super smart planes that Jamie Foxx and Jessica Biel flew with in that terrible movie; amazingly talented and always underneath the radar. He’s been putting out quality releases for years, started his own label (with a stable of great Canadian talent) and with the release of In Field &(…)

Live:: Hayden in Copenhagen (Nov. 30th/07)

photo from Hayden’s flickr page With the turn of a new year, you start looking forward to the great ’08 releases. Being a huge Canadian homer, Hayden‘s new record (In Field & Town) is near the top of the list for me. He just finished up touring Europe with the National, and this show is(…)

News:: Hayden - new record & Hali/Vancouver shows

After reading about the Ghostface doll, I’m not sure anything else might qualify as news for you readers, but this made my week. Hayden has been around forever (I can remember seeing him in my first year of University back in 93), won fans over with his amazing music, but still kind of hovers in(…)