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Listen Up:: Reuben and the Dark Shoulderblade

Over the last few years, the lineup over at Arts & Crafts has become a lot more diverse and - at least for this sadsacker - a lot more interesting. One of the latest signings is a long time herohill favorite, Reuben and the Dark. Although the band has yet to release an album on(…)

File under Awesome:: Reuben and the Dark

Calgary song writer Reuben Bullock, is working on a new record, and this song - “a memory’s lament” - showcases his growth as a songwriter and a new direction with his full band. The contrast of this video, one full of carefree images of youth (the Dennis the Menace slingshot, cut off jean shorts, and(…)

Reuben Bullock - Man Made Lakes

It’s fitting that Calgary’s Reuben Bullock describes his state of mind, and musical perspective, as simply going where the river takes him. In a time when most folk/roots acts feel as natural as salmon fishing in the Yemen, Bullock lets go of any expectations and floats with the current. Bullock is a self-admitted work in(…)

Reviews:: Reuben Bullock Pulling Up Arrows

With the never-ending number of music blogs posting songs on the daily, I’m not sure if anyone cares “where” they first heard about an artist anymore. Hell, with aggregators and RSS feeds, I’m not sure most people even know, but it’s still a source of pride for any blogger traveling off the beaten path. Up(…)

News:: The Hill’s Top 10 Hip Hop Gimmicks

Is it just me, or is gimmick rap dead? Back in the day, MC’s often utilized gimmicks to try and ensure their high top fade stood tallest. In Kid’s case, his gimmick was that his high top fade was literally taller than the rest. But gimmicks are gone from the rap biz now. Or rather,(…)