Apollo Ghosts

Shotgun Jimmie covers Apollo Ghosts

… and the world rejoices. Exaggeration? Yes, but honestly, if we were allowed to pick two bands to play the last show we’d ever attend, Shotgun Jimmie and Apollo Ghosts would be in the running. It’s so refreshing to find a talented band blessed with humility that actually gives a shit about playing and giving [...]

Merry Christmas from Apollo Ghosts & The Honky Tonk Kid

Or, Merry Christmas from the best band in Canada right now. Yip, I said it. Vancouver’s Apollo Ghosts not only deliver a never ending supply of amazing (and free) jams, they put on the most enjoyable straight ahead live show in the business. No gimmicks, just sincere enjoyment and non stop energy (and more cape [...]

Good Ole Indie Rock Week:: Apollo Ghosts & Moonsocket

Trying something new this week; a dedicated focus on a sound instead of new bands. Lately, the submissions coming across my desk have been mostly inoffensive “alt.country” and lo-fi surf infused bands struggling to keep up with the hot trends on hypem. As much as I enjoy both of those genres - when done right [...]

Contest:: 2011 Sappyfest Passes

  Ok, get in the car, we’re going to Sappyfest! Well not just yet actually, as the 6th edition of everyone’s new favorite festival isn’t taking place until July 29-31, but thanks to the good folks at Sappy, we have two festival passes to give away. Scroll to the bottom very bottom right now for [...]