Cam Penner

New songs from Cam Penner

New songs from Cam Penner

Cam Penner is an unknown talent, which is equally as shocking as it is disappointing considering the music blog world’s affinity for raising substandard acts to the rafters with championship like acclaim. It makes sense I guess, simply because the soft spoken Penner isn’t a flash in the pan or a Sportscentre highlight. He’s a [...]

herohill vs. Gordon Lightfoot: Turning Back The Pages Of My Sweet Shattered Dreams

So “hear” it is. The result of months of hard work from some of our favorite bands across this nation (and even a special cameo from one of our favorite American outfits). Basically, the idea was simple: Pay tribute to a Canadian legend on Canada Day. Oh, and get some free content for the blog [...]

Reviews:: Cam Penner Gypsy Summer

In the digital age, it’s almost impossible for an artist to slip through the cracks if you pay attention. Endless retweets and self-congratulating humble brags, facebook events mailed to distribution lists and emails that flood your inbox become suffocating. Thankfully, their are still a few surprises left in this big world. A few weeks ago, [...]