mikedecline - Calmmunicate

mikedecline – Calmmunicate

Let me say this, if there’s a Juno for “Best Instrumental Hip Hop Album with a Name That Kind of Sounds Like a Word But Isn’t Actually a Word, I Don’t Think”, Vancouver-based producer mikedecline would be a two-time winner by now. I loved his last album, Umbrellatons and after being through it a few [...]

Self Taught - Five Year Journey

When they sent me their new album, 5 Year Journey, it struck me that Vancouver hip hop outfit Self-Taught chose a very appropriate name for themselves. I’m sure it certainly describes how they learned their craft, but to me, it’s fitting because the guys that invented hip hop actually created this movement & music that [...]

Quick Hitters:: mikedecline - Umbrellatons

Hey, remember when it used to relatively easy to find a “producer” album that didn’t exclusively feature “club bangers” that are filled with features from the current buzzworthy MC’s? Actually, many of you are likely young enough that you don’t remember such a thing, but in the late 90′s & early 00′s, there were albums [...]