Shotgun Jimmie

Shotgum Jimmie covers Apollo Ghosts

… and the world rejoices.   Exaggeration? Yes, but honestly, if we were allowed to pick two bands to play the last show we’d ever attend, Shotgun Jimmie and Apollo Ghosts would be in the running. It’s so refreshing to find a talented band blessed with humility that actually gives a shit about playing and [...]

HPX ’11:: Day Three Jamz

  So we’re a couple days into HPX 2011, and because we haven’t been out yet, we’ll quote our favorite uber-drunk Gus’ patron “What’s up with the music guys, IS IT AWESOME?” That’s more of a rhetorical question really, we know most of the shows have probably been awesome. Not awesome: the rain. As per [...]

herohill vs. Gordon Lightfoot: Turning Back The Pages Of My Sweet Shattered Dreams

So “hear” it is. The result of months of hard work from some of our favorite bands across this nation (and even a special cameo from one of our favorite American outfits). Basically, the idea was simple: Pay tribute to a Canadian legend on Canada Day. Oh, and get some free content for the blog [...]

Friday funbag:: Tribute to Construction & Destruction

Port Greville’s Construction & Destruction has a sound built from love and contrast. David’s guttural vocals and sludgy guitar riffs are the perfect counterpoint for Colleen’s falsetto and dime store casios, and the unique mix of raw energy and quirky tenderness is something to treasure.   Years ago, the duo started writing songs as they [...]