Sweatshop Union

Leisure Gang

Leisure Gang

Hey, going to SXSW?!?!?! Well we’re not, so skip the taco talk Chauncey. But we can still party on this Tuesday afternoon like we’re heading down south, with the assistance of new Sweatshop Union project Leisure Gang. This self-titled single is, like everything SU has done the last couple years, rather raucous and enjoyable, so keep your ear to the ground for the Gang’s debut EP next month. Or catch them at SXSW…I guess…if you’re into that kind of thing.

MP3:: Leisure Gang - Leisure Gang
Web:: leisuregang.bandcamp.com

Video Hits:: Sweatshop Union, Dinosaur Bones, David Myles & Megan Bonnell

Unless I’m mistaken, we missed the Video Hits last week, but we’re back with vengeance this week: four great videos from a fairly diverse group of artists.   We’re leading off this version of the Video Hits with Sweatshop Union’s vid for “Makeshift Kingdom” off of their awesome Bill Murray EP. I had actually been [...]