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the skinny boys
not pictured: shane nadeau
shane "naedoo" nadeau
when shane is not busy cataloging his vast collection of cassette tapes (he believes that cassettes will become the new vinyl), he's grumbling about the golden age of hip hop while shopping for HDV albums. Shane enjoys spending time with his wife Petra and their two cats, pissing off opposing players in recreational sports leagues, and telling anyone that will listen that he was one of the original members of 80's super group The Skinny Boys. Shane fancies himself to be quite in the know where the hip hop is concerned and says he's been listening to hip hop since "Leaders Of The New School where actually new school". On the personal tip, Shane was born and raised in the hip hop capital of Canada, Halifax, Nova Scotia, but has since done what all good maritimers do now - sold his soul to satan for a job in Toronto.
bryan "ack" acker
It was the best of times it was the blurst of times. Ack prides himself on liking music that is so hip that Bea Arthur needed to borrow his cd rack after she fell in the shower. His goal for the next year is to make people realize the banjo is the instrument that will help reshape music, but as soon as you agree he will probably be preaching about the MOOG or the mouth harp and proving Shane wasn't actually in the Skinny Boys. Rather than go on and on about things that you don't care about, it is probably easier to get an idea about Ack from a simple mix-tape he just made:
Side A Side B
Madelaine and the nine - Mike Doughty My Own Two Hands - Ben Harper
Holy Roman - the Get Up Kids Brush off You Shoulder (Danger Mouse remix) - Jay Z
The Remote Part - Idlewild Parks - Fourtet
Anything off Chutes to Narrow - the Shins Clark Gable - the Postal Service
High Tide, Low Tide - Ben Harper/Jack Johnson (live) Hover Near Fame - New Amsterdams
Red Right Ankle - Decemberists Piazza New York Catcher - Belle and Sebastian
405 - Death Cab 4 Cutie Wrong - White Buffalo (Shelter Soundtrack)
mike "elvis" roberts
The pride of Fairview, this former child star came into fame in the mid '80's as the 10 year old host of the Halifax Cable 10 show "Kid's Report". A few years later Mike once again rose to fame as the drummer for the Halifax teenage supergroup "The West Boys" who are best know for a high school sock hop they played back in 1992. Little Mikey is all grown up now and instead of expressing himself in front of the camera or on stage he now does it by writing articles for herohill. Along with Mario, Mike has kept the tradition that is the Fairview Carroll/Midtown softball team (formerly the Fighting English) going. Even though they lost players such as Naedoo and Ack to the bigger markets via free agency the team has been able to survive and even became Post Office league champions back in 2002. When softball is not in season Mike can be found travelling to the bigger cities to take in sporting events or rock concerts where he is sure to be spotted wearing his sleevless rasin' hell shirt. The multi talented Mike recently traded in his drumsticks for a guitar (drums are too loud for the condo) and can play pretty much any song as long as he doesn't have to change chords more than once.
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